Lukas Ridgeston Is (Officially) Back!

It’s the moment we’ve all forgotten we’re supposed to be waiting for! Last November, Bel Ami revealed to Manhunt Daily that legendary model Lukas Ridgeston would be making a comeback in 2013. We were so incredibly thrilled with this development that the endless wait toyed with our frail souls. We felt a tinge of emptiness every time the site shared a scene with someone who was “Not Lukas Ridgeston“.

Back in July, we worried that the whole thing had been a tease. We wondered if, when they said Lukas would be back in 2013, they really just meant that they’d be sharing additional images from his shoot with photographer Rick Day. “Could they be that cruel?” we asked ourselves. “No! It can’t possibly be. They would never do that to us.”

Then the wait continued. One month passed, then another and another. We had almost given up hope when, this morning, we received an e-mail from one of our readers that Bel Ami released the trailer for a five-part series entitled Forever Lukas. A five-part series featuring the grown and sexy, 39 year-old version of Lukas Fucking Ridgeston.

– Dewitt

Watch the trailer for Lukas Ridgeston’s comeback series below:

Lukas Ridgeston gets some twink hole

Tune into BEL AMI on October 23rd for the first scene in the series!



21 thoughts on “Lukas Ridgeston Is (Officially) Back!

  1. What is up with that wild west theme music? I expected to hear a whip crack and the whinny of horses…

  2. One of the first porn mags I ever bought was his debut. I had the worst crush on him for YEARS. Seeing him coming back like this and still looking absolutely stunning is just awesome. I just about creamed myself on the spot, though, seeing that not only am I going to get to watch him performing again but it will also finally be without rubbers. Fantasy on top of fantasy. October can’t come soon enough.

  3. On Twitter I’ve asked BelAmi if we would have ever seen Kris Evans barebacking… they answered me it will happen in Forever Lukas!!!

  4. I wonder if he can still make those amazing fountain cum shots… He was a legend back in the day and he looks even better now

  5. that looked like everyone was having fun. Often Bel Ami scenes can be a little…lackluster in that department but there seemed to be real chemistry and that is something to respond to.

  6. Mmmm…20 years later & I still wish I could ride Lukas Ridgeston’s cock…though same goes for Max Orloff/Pavel Novotny & Johan Paulik

  7. Wow, I guess the recession has cut his prostitution income so now it’s back to those gay movies, I’m glad he hasn’t turned into a fat, bald bear as there’s too many of those creeps after the young chickens already.

  8. Be still my aching heart the thought of Kris & Lukas in a scene together ( hope it’s a flip ) is to much for me to bare

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