Lucky in love

Tayte Hanson gets a match just minutes after the posting of his video dating profile! He loves the choice Brock Banks and, in spite of the bad luck signs that pop up along the way, is excited to meet him late that night.

At Lucky’s place Brock showers up and when he gets out, he gives Tayte another surprise: he’s hot as well as pretty! When they kiss and make out, their chemistry is electric, and they act on their palpable attraction: Tayte fingers the muscled ass of Brock who in turn strokes his date’s big dick.

And soon Brock sucks Tayte just the way he wants and teases his hole.  After getting total, worshipful attention, Tayte returns the favor and eats out Justin Brock and finger-primes his hole.

Tayte finally starts fucking Brock from behind, his every thrust giving him pleasure.

Tayte then flips Brock on his tummy and drills him to the bed. He gets close again but this time he flips Brock on his back to give him a big thick, facial. And while Tayte feeds him cum, Brock shoots HIS load!

Our gleeful duo snuggles up together, happy to have made such a seemingly perfect connection.


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