Look At This Guy With A Cute Butt!

He’s a 33 year-old versatile bottom from Australia who’s packing 8 uncut inches and stands at six feet tall. You can find him under the name janordic on Manhunt, and lucky for you, he’s got a picture of his butt in his profile. He’s also got very pretty blue eyes! It would not be terrible to look into them while resting his ankles on your shoulders.

He writes that he’s “looking for fun and more if it comes along”, so that leaves plenty of possibilities open for your future with him. The most important thing is, this hypothetical future would involve his cute scruffy face and cute little butt. It would be all yours (even if it’s just for one night).

– Dewitt

Check out this guy’s butt (and some other pics) below:





Head over here to view his full profile or send a message.



7 thoughts on “Look At This Guy With A Cute Butt!

  1. Woah – I know a 50+ year old that looks just like him! It’s crazy! Btw, I fucked that 50+ year old guy. …mmmm now I’m imagining a threesome that includes janordic.

  2. Ha Ha!!! Like, “What, do you mean this guy that you *thought* was cute, but are clearly wrong so I’ll prove it with this snark?”

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