Long Summer Days

Today was a perfect day. With the wife out of the house all morning I had plenty of time to shave and break out my CleanStream for a long session of cleaning. It makes me so hard when the water starts to fill me up. The urge to cum was enormous but I just kept to rubbing my smooth balls in anticipation of my wife’s dildo.

By the time I got into the bedroom and found that magnificent 7″ phallus I was desperate to be penetrated. I spent the next hour greedily pumping my holes with that toy. It was just too much and I started to furiously stroke to a juicy finish.

Jets of my seed landed on my naked belly and I stayed like that with the head of the dildo still snuggly between my cheeks. After a short nap I awoke to the feeling of that latex cock burying itself deeper into me. My wife had come home to find me, cum splashed, with her dildo nestled in my ass and it seems she wanted to fuck me while I fucked her. Long summer days like these really are the best.

Makes me wonder — what is Your favorite type of dildo? Huge? Realistic? Traditional? Vibrating? Glass or Steel? Inflatable? 


2 thoughts on “Long Summer Days

  1. Mmm, a gay blog – we readers aren’t really interested that in what you might or might not get up to with your probably fictional wife even if it does involve you and big ole dildo. You try too hard, always, with your writing and everything you write just feels laboured and inauthentic. That’s why the readership has dwindled. Aside from Dewitt, Manhunt blog used to have other writers, such as J Harvey, who deputises for Michael K on DListed. In other words, someone who could right engagingly and amusingly, not always about porn, but often about some funny aspect of gay life. I suggest you look back at his articles and then how about hiring him again.

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