Logan Lerman And Asa Butterfield Will Be College Republicans

The early days of political schemer (and deputy chief of staff during the George W. Bush administration) Karl Rove is a subject that has been in development as a film called College Republicans for a decade now, with various directors and actors attached or considering it during that time. The latest iteration is coming together, as Logan Lerman is on to star as Rove, with Asa Butterfield signing on to play fellow manipulator Lee Atwater.

Wes Jones’s script follows Rove and Atwater (who would go on to advise Presidents Reagan and Bush as well as being chairman of the Republican National Committee) when they first meet after Rove drops out of the University of Utah to take a position with the College Republican National Committee. Atwater managed his campaign when Rove opted to run for national chairman of the Committee. There, the pair really started to develop their talents for political dirty tricks. Kristine Froseth to play Kate King, a composite character who threatens their dreams of glory.

James Schamus, who regularly collaborated with Ang Lee as writer and producer for years, and who directed 2016’s Indignation, is on to call the shots for the film, which should have the cameras rolling next spring or summer, assuming it makes it that far, which is not yet a given with this project’s past.

Via EmpireOnline

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