Let’s All Drool Over This Tall, Tattooed Top From Atlanta.

Okay, so he’s technically a versatile top, but either way, this 37 year-old stud from Atlanta could, coloquially speaking, get it. He stands at 6’3″ with a lean, fuzzy build, and all he’s got to say in his Manhunt profile is that he’s “checking things out, seeing who’s around”… And, ugh, I kind of just want him to check out my butthole with his penis!

This lovely gentleman goes by the name xtopher74 on the site, and on top of all the other great things I mentioned in the last paragraph, I am pretty into the way he raises his eyebrow in nearly every single one of his profile photos. Don’t ask me why! I just have a thing for eyebrows, I guess.

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member xtopher74 below:






Head over here to see more pics, view his profile or send him a message.



6 thoughts on “Let’s All Drool Over This Tall, Tattooed Top From Atlanta.

  1. Worse, he’s so intense that he thinks they’ll take away his butch card if he smiles or changes position.

  2. Check out the dodgy selection of liqueurs on display. I mean come on, Chambord and Pucker (really? Pucker? – I had to look it up to find out it’s a real thing). Unless it’s all ironic. But there again I doubt they do irony in Atlanta.

  3. Some guys find a look that works and stick with it. This one obviously does the trick b/c it got him featured on the site.

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