Leonardo DiCaprio Producing Aldous Huxley Adaptation Island

Aldous Huxley’s work is enjoying somewhat of an adaptation renaissance at the moment, especially with US streaming service Peacock heavily promoting its new TV take on the author’s most famous work, dysoptian tale Brave New World

Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to jump on the Huxley bandwagon, setting up a TV series based on his lesser-known final novel, Island.

Published in 1962 as a utopian counterpoint to WorldIsland follows a cynical journalist shipwrecked on the fictional utopian island of Pala in the Indian Ocean.

Originally tasked with exploiting Pala’s natural resources, he uncovers an independently developed society and embraces the people, their culture and traditions — including psychedelic adventures and alternative social structures. His experience alters the course of his mission.

DiCaprio will be a producer on the series (which doesn’t yet have a home, though you can bet the likes of Netflix, Amazon and the rest will be interested), and the bet step will be to find a writer/producer to develop the show.

Via Empire Online

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