Leo Sweetwood + Bray Love = Drenched in Summer Cum?

Look – that’s a lot of title. But I like these guys, so I’m gonna overlook that.

The description for this latest episode of Naked Sword’s Summer of Sweat doesn’t fare a lot better, and I had to read it, so it’s only fair that you should:

Taking a summertime stroll downtown NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love’s pits and asshole are dripping with sweat — who better to run into but sexy, bubble-butt blonde Leo Sweetwood. Ducking into the back deck of Nob Hill Theatre, the boys throw down a passionate fuck date. Bray takes all of Leo’s thick dick in his welcoming mouth, then throws Leo against the wall to bury his pretty baby face in Leo’s thick ass. Already in position, Bray dives his cock deep in Leo’s welcoming hole until Leo returns the favor by fucking a big load out of Bray leaving both studs drenched in summer lovin!

Boy. That is.  Just FULL of adjectives. Let’s talk about all the parts of that that I liked:

+ Summertime!
+ Bray Love!
+ Leo Sweetwood!
+ The Nob Hill Theater!

And then it goes weird… And if either of these guys has a “pretty baby face,” it’s Leo Sweetwood.  Who, btw, is looking mad good here! I’m into all the hair he’s wearing lately and his smile is like a  (I realized mid way through typing that I can’t finish this thought without trailing off into a Paula Abdul-style tirade about unicorns and sunshine so you’re getting) nice.

Frankly, I’ll watch LS do anything because that ass is like money. I wish to jeebus that I could bottom like this dude bottoms. It’s never the “oh ouch! OUCH OUCH I HATE IT GET IT OUT OF ME OMG!” situation with him like it is with me. He’s just a rockstar. And he has like a default, graceful, “oh my gosh is it in my butt? I can hardly tell,” face that he makes in a couple of the stills below.

Watch Leo bounce that money ass:




NSV038_sc4_LeoSweetwood_HorzAffil_1 NSV038_sc4_LeoSweetwood_HorzAffil_3 NSV038_sc4_LeoSweetwood_HorzAffil_4 NSV038_sc4_NSexclusive_BrayLove_VertAffil_1 NSV038_sc4_NSexclusive_BrayLove_VertAffil_3 NSV038_sc2_BrayLove_LeoSweetwood_HorzAffil_5 NSV038_sc2_BrayLove_LeoSweetwood_HorzAffil_6 NSV038_sc2_BrayLove_LeoSweetwood_HorzAffil_7


I’m gonna practice my Leo Sweetwood “surprise buttsecks!” face some more. You should pop over to Naked Sword and watch the other parts of this series!





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