Lady Gaga Talks About Her Love For Women

Lady Gaga not only relates to the gay community, turns out she also partakes once in a while. In her interview with Barbara Walters she discloses that she has had "sexual relationships with women".

I don't think that's necessarily a big deal, I think she's admitted to that in the past anyway but the whole interview is pretty interesting. It made me like Gaga even more than I already do!

– Andy

3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Talks About Her Love For Women

  1. i actually like her more when she’s being interviewed and speaking from the heart than i do her music..she’s got balls..been a long time..

  2. this is kinda old news, over a year ago she admitted to Ellen she was bisexual and that was part why she was her idol. and even Pokerface its actually a song of how to have sex with a man thinking of a girl without the dude knowing…
    i’m such a gaga fan

  3. Always loved her… though she lost a fair chunk of my respect when she said ‘stars are blind” was one of ther favorite albums when talking to paris hilton…..

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