Kelly Sweet: “Ashes of My Paradise”

Kelly Sweet fits into the same lady-pop genre as, say, Ellie Goulding, Sia or Florence Welch, though you could just as easily draw comparisons to Kate Bush or Annie Lennox. She cites the latter as her largest influence, and this can clearly be heard on her debut single “Ashes of My Paradise”.

“I lost both of my parents to cancer during the making of this new record,” she explains about the song’s inspiration. “My mother in December of 2011, and my father in June of 2012. I was 23 years old and I felt I stood amongst the ash of the dreams of my life. But like a phoenix, I can rise again.”

While that might sound like a depressing topic for a gloomy Wednesday morning, let’s try and focus on that “phoenix” part and embrace the overall catharsis of this track… Or you could just ignore the lyrics, do interpretative dances in your underwear and send me video footage. Because that’s my plan (minus the video footage).

– Dewitt

(via MuuMuse)



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4 thoughts on “Kelly Sweet: “Ashes of My Paradise”

  1. Very Nice!

    I luv a lotta your vibe hints Dewitt but do you ever trip over to promoting any of the really pure singers here in the States?

    I only ask, because, like you, I’m a huge sound fan and I too recently I felt like I missed the boat on the artistry of… “LP”.

    Never heard of her? Well, I think you’re gonna luv her…& she’s not a LIP sink’er…how’s that…BeOnZE?

    And I mean no harm to LP by saying I think she may be a proud lesbian woman.
    Here are a couple links to LP’s vids. Enjoy!

    copy and paste or search “LP” on youtube if my links don’t work here.
    -MyZone (on

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