Justin Dean Takes Junior Fernandez Deep Into The Woods

In regards to that post title, “deep” refers to how far Justin Dean sinks his cock into Junior Fernandez’s butt in CockyBoys’ Justin Fucks Junior.

“Cutest guy on Earth” Justin Dean has something he wants to show Junior Fernandez. If you’re a frequent viewer of adult entertainment, you’ve probably guessed that the things Justin wants to show Junior are:

1. His cock.

2. How good of a kisser he is

3. How well his cock fits in Junior’s mouth

3. The delights of ass eating

4. Just how deep he can get his cock into Junior’s ass

5. How sexy Junior’s abs look painted in cum.

Placing him on his back, Justin fills Junior yet again, much to both of their delight. When Junior breathlessly tells Justin he’s about to cum, Justin pounds him harder until Junior can’t keep his hands off his own rock hard dick. Junior cums all over his stomach while moaning loudly until Justin pulls out, straddles him, and blows his hot load all over Junior’s toned, cum soaked abs.

I’d totally follow Justin into those woods.

Check out more of Justin Fucks Junior below, and check out the whole scene at CockyBoys!

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