Just The Tips: Take It Slow

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When the buttons are unbuttoned and the flies go down, it's easy to get worked up and ravenously indulge in your sexual prey. This whip-it-out approach can occasionally be a turn-on when you're having a quickie or doing it with the right guy, but it's highly recommended to slow down if you have the time to spare.

Many of the men I've played with seem to forget about the existence of foreplay. Try making out a little longer. Strip to your undies and roll around. Explore one another's bodies with your tongues. Whatever you need to do to build up the tension, get right in there and do it. Because when that tension is unleashed, you're both going to have an excellent time.

On the flip side, it can occasionally be fun to switch things up if you have a regular partner. One of my former fuck buddies sent me a Manhunt message that he wanted to skip the small talk and get right to fucking as soon as I got to his place. I didn't catch this message, so you can imagine how surprised I was at being manhandled right when I came through the door! And trust me, it was a good kind of surprise…

– Dewitt

13 thoughts on “Just The Tips: Take It Slow

  1. you kinda contradicted yourself by saying to take it slow and then saying it was a nice surprise you got when you went thru the door. either way, great pic! I’ve had that pic in my slide show screen saver for years and I love it

  2. Can I have a threesome with the models from the pic? I’ll take it slow, or let them jump me right when I walk in the door.

  3. dewitt, you’re probably easier then i am… i’m sure you can come up with a couple better stories of how you took it slow better then your manhandeled asap story there to make up for this contradiction 🙂

  4. Dewitt said, “On the flip side, it can occasionally be fun to switch things up…” Meaning he presented another side. Which means he didn’t necessarily contradict himself. I think the point of the post was to consider mixing it up and not just stick to old habits and routines. But I agree, we do need more to hear more details to the story.:-)

  5. Have 2 agree with speedy switching up sometimes makes 4 exciting encounter I mean 1 night it’s rough FUCK !!! and next pure passion 🙂 …………..

  6. Then the title is misleading…it should read:
    Just the Tips: Take it Slow Today, Channel Your Inner Slut Tomorrow.

  7. Some of you people seriously need to read the whole thing with your brains engaged. The point is that far too often, most of us are using the quickie as normal everyday sex, and we need to learn to slow down and savor the moment, enjoy the sex, draw it out (hence the title). HOWEVER…. this is not to say that the quickie does not have its place. It should be used to spice things up, like in the example he used.

  8. trixter… i’m sort of a guy that… ironically… tricks another guy into letting me stay over for longer then just a quickie…
    for one i’m nbot quick to begin with and i usually need to stay a bit afterwords… sure, i can do the quickie for when it doesn’t go out so well, but the long visit is something i can always strive for 🙂

  9. I like to take it slow, as well. A “quicky” for me usually lasts well over an hour. I hate when guys just rip all their clothes off, too. A half-naked man can be hotter than a naked man. I’d rather see them slowly strip for me (or better yet, sit back and let me slowly strip them).
    That doesn’t mean I don’t like when my guy shows up at my door with his cock out and we start sucking each other off before we reach the bedroom. I still like to make it last as long as we have time for, though.

  10. most quickies are a turn off for me…i’m a very passionate guy who prefers for the both of us to cum at least twice before we’re done…now thats fun.

  11. most quickies are a turn off for me…i’m a very passionate guy who prefers for the both of us to cum at least twice before we’re done…now thats fun.

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