Just The Tips: Eye Contact

gay eye contact

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. That would explain why a lot of guys don't make eye contact during casual fucks. Who wants to bear their soul to a complete stranger, especially in cases where you can't even remember his first name? Sure, there are probably other reasons that guys don't stare at one another during sex, but a few moments of eye contact can add to the intensity and passion of a good fuck.

Personally, I'm a big fan of throwing a man's legs in the air, pinning his wrists above his head and letting our eyes lock with one another as my cock rubs against his hole. This method has equal success while fucking, and I've caught a few guys' eyes rolling back in ecstasy on more than one occasion. Let it be known–you don't have to be in love to share a passionate moment!

– Dewitt

453 thoughts on “Just The Tips: Eye Contact

  1. Damn Dewitt, you haven’t shown us your picture but that description has got me all hot and bothered. Find me if you’re in DC

  2. i fucked a guy once, and while he was riding on top of me, he stared directly into my eyes the entire time. It was kinda weird. But he was sexy as hell, so i just blankly stared back, lol

  3. Hear, hear!
    I’ve never understood the guys who were into mechanical, no-intimacy sex. Why not just fuck a sex doll or a fleshlight?
    Just because I’m passionate during sex doesn’t mean I’m going to ask you to marry me, or even what your first name is.
    @A: Haven’t you figured it out, yet? Dewitt doesn’t have a picture. He’s just an incredibly sophisticated AI program, fed information from Bravo and gay porn. 😛

  4. I always try to be passionate during sex. Rarely am I ever into just hooking up with a guy only to bust a nut…and to drive across my hometown for only a blowjob…couldn’t do it. Give me passion and heat every time.

  5. One of the most intense things you can do as a guy is cumming is to order him to look into your eyes. It takes one of the most intensely personal experiences a man has and turns it into a bonding moment. You connect with him in a moment of deep pleasure and vulnerability. It’s particularly effective if you’re jacking him off.

  6. Eye contact during sex is a form of connecting. And sex without connecting–even otherwise meaningless NSA sport sex–is kinda pointless.

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