Just a dick talking about dicks!

I’m an angry guy, always have been. The way I see it the world is a mud ball with few redeemable qualities but at least there’s sex and art. In my mind, porn is more than a visual cue to get off to. Porn is the critical moment where sex and art can intertwine. It’s easy to pass off as just two dudes getting it on…

…but a lot of passionate work goes in behind the camera as well as in front. I get tired of amateur videos, despite the whole “realness” of them, there is just something so much more fulfilling about watching a fantasy of yours unfold in HD. Pornography should be celebrated the same as any art and it’s a damn shame that more people don’t admit the beauty of a long, stiff cock!

What’s your favorite type of porn?

– Nerve

++ Photo & Video courtesy of NextDoorWorld.com

3 thoughts on “Just a dick talking about dicks!

  1. I too am a porn devotee. I did wince a bit to see that you chose a Cody Cummings video as an illustration. He’s wicked hot, but it’s always been painfully obvious how he’s got lines he won’t cross lest he be perceived as “really gay.” The ALMOST kiss in the video clip is one more example. Anyway, good point. I look forward to the Oscars of porn. 🙂

  2. I see measures of “Realism” in Joe Gage, “Erotic Idealism” in Kristen Bjorn, and occasional “Craftsmanship” in Chi Chi La Rue. I think the new web-based streaming channels are pioneering the next wave of porn.

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