John Grant’s “Glacier”: LGBT History Condensed

John Grant is a critically acclaimed singer who happens to be openly gay and HIV positive. His latest album, Pale Green Ghosts, contains songs about his coming to terms with being gay and discovering his status. I didn’t love this song “Glacier” at first. It read kinda maudlin and overwrought.

But then, at the insistence of a friend who’s a huge John Grant fan and knows I’m a horrible cynic, I gave it another listen. It’s growing on me… The video for the song is across-the-board awesome. It condenses modern gay history into seven minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

What other openly gay musicians are out there that you’re into?

– J. Harvey

Watch the music video for John Grant’s “Glacier” below:



2 thoughts on “John Grant’s “Glacier”: LGBT History Condensed

  1. I haven’t been moved like this in a long time. Thank You for sharing this video. Still drying my eyes. We HAVE come a long way – right??

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