Jessy Ares And Griffin Barrows Are Going To Make Fuck Robots

Anyone see Ex Machina? For those who haven’t, it’s about a robot chick who may or may not be evil, her creator (who IS evil but hot because it’s Oscar Issac), and one of the Weasley brothers gets caught up in the android madness. Oh, and Oscar Issac’s mad Steve Jobs character lives in a RAD house in the forest that I want to move into. Anyone, it’s about lusty robot-human interaction, therefore prime for a Super Gay Hero porn parody. Jessy Ares and Griffin Barrows star in the first installment of Ex-Machina : A Gay XXX Parody.

Jessy plays the mad inventor and he dominates Griffin’s round ass. In fact, Griffin’s cries of ecstasy are so loud and impassioned that I thought – fuck the robots, let’s just watch these two fuck for three or four installments. They’re really into it, and that’s the best kind of porn. Unless you’re one of those pervy dudes who is into lackadaisical fucking. There are porn studios out there for you. I won’t name any names. Feel free to be catty in the comments, though!

There’s more of Ex-Machina below, and you can watch the whole scene over at MEN’s Super Gay Hero.

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