Jeremy Allen White Says He’ll Watch ‘High School Musical’ If Zac Efron Will Do *This* With Him During

Talk about a greet use for their iron claws!

Jeremy Allen White is up for a brand new challenge—finally watching High School Musical.

The actor has been doing the rounds lately promoting his new movie, The Iron Claw, which is based on the true story of 1980s pro-wrestling icons, the Von Erich brothers. Among his co-stars in the film is Zac Efron, who, of course, rose to fame as basketball star Troy Bolton in the HSM franchise.

But during an episode of Just for Variety with Marc Malkin, White revealed that he’s possibly the only millennial left on the planet who’s never seen the mega-popular Disney movies.

“I haven’t seen those films. I have not seem them,” he said. “Sorry, Zac. I will. I will watch them.”

But The Bear actor does have one condition if he’s going to listen to the East High Wildcats come together through song and dance.

“Only if Zac holds my hand through them,” he said, agreeing with Malkin’s suggestion that this could actually be a good opportunity to raise money for a charitable cause. “Just film Zac and I, fingers interlaced in a theater, watching the three… it’s three films?”

Well, three films that Efron is in, at any rate—which are the only ones White is willing to watch. Though who knows, maybe he’ll fall in love and move on to Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure like all the real ones do.

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