WATCH: Channing Tatum soaking wet in his underwear? It must mean ‘Magic Mike’ is back!

Bust out those singles, because Magic Mike is back for one last dance!

That’s right, one of our horniest and most unexpected movie trilogies comes to a close next year with Magic Mike’s Last Dance. And you know what? We’ll be there opening weekend!

More than a decade after Channing Tatum first stripped down to a thong to the tune of Ginuwine’s “Pony,” the dancer-turned-movie star returns to send-off the unlikeliest of franchises.

With prolific filmmaker Steven Soderbergh returning to the helm, Last Dance catches up with Tatum’s Michael Lane (a.k.a. “Magic Mike”), now bartending swanky Miami events to make a buck after his business plans went bust.

He gets a new shot at making his dreams come true when he meets a wealthy socialite who whisks him off to London to stage an ambitious, sexy dance revue show. But is it his dream, or hers?

Whereas the original Magic Mike surprised with its thoughtful portrait of life after the recession—yes, really—the sequel, XXL (directed by Gregory Jacobs), doubled down on the fun, giving us unforgettable dance number after unforgettable dance number (we’ll never look at a gas station the same way again).

Where Last Dance lands on that spectrum remains to be seen, but the trailer offers plenty to ogle at—including a soaking wet stage performance that has Tatum wearing nothing but tight teeny tiny briefs.

And while this trilogy-ender looks to be sorely lacking in fan favorite characters like Matt Bomer’s Ken or Joe Manganiello‘s Big D*ck Richie, it more than makes up for it with the presence of the great Salma Hayek as Mike’s angel investor. Hayek seems to be having a blast as the target of Tatum’s grinding—it’s what she deserves. It’s what we deserve.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance will hit theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day, opening nationwide on February 10, 2023. You can watch the first official trailer below:

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