I’ve Never Done This Before: The Best Virgins & First-Timers of 2013

Back in August, we introduced our I’ve Never Done This Before, a spanking new series dedicated to bottoming debuts, guys fucking another man’s ass for the first time and even simpler introductory tasks like handjobs. Let me repeat that—“Back in August”. With that timeline in mind, we had to take some liberties with this Best of Manhunt Daily round-up and recognize that this given category didn’t exist for over half the year.

In fact? The number one item on this list originally appeared in our Everything Butt series. Based on numbers alone, it should have reigned victorious on our “Best Asses of 2013” countdown… But, uh, here’s the thing! The majority of that post’s traffic came from the novelty of the performer bottoming for the first time. If the I’ve Never Done This Before series had existed back in April, those pics would have appeared here instead of here.

(By these rules, there’s the teensy-weensiest argument that we should have included Maverick Men model Tommy on this list as well, but I truly believe his hairy cheeks stand on their own. He earned his place here, sandwiched between Quinn Jaxon and Josh Long.)

Once I started poking around, I realized there were a few other posts that fell into I’ve Never Done This Before territory, and as a result, more than half of the top ten virgins and first-timers technically never appeared in this series. The end results are, however, based on popularity alone, and even I’m baffled by these rankings. How did Tony Paradise‘s bottoming debut outshine Colby Jansen‘s, when it placed last on our “Top To Bottom” poll? And while we’re at it, where’s the love for Liam Magnuson‘s highly underrated bottoming scene?

Basically, this shit is messed up, but it’ll still be a nice stroll down memory lane.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Naked Sword

Take a look at the best I’ve Never Done This Before posts of 2013 below:



Abele Place

We wrote: “The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Fresh off of dipping his dick monster into Brett Swanson and Nick Sterling, the dashing gentleman known as Abele Place has opted to give up his fuzzy muscle ass on Randy Blue. The oh-so-fortunate virginity snatcher is none other than Caleb Strong, whose new tattoo is, um, very present.”



Colby Jansen

We wrote: “There are so many things to love about Colby Jansen‘s onscreen bottoming debut that I don’t even know where to start with this post. The beefy rugby player and MEN.COM exclusive has explosive chemistry with his costar Tommy Defendi, and it shows with every smile, kiss, laugh and erection they share with one another.”



Nicholas for Spunk Worthy

We wrote: “Here’s what I can tell you about the scene—1) Nicholas has a huge grin on his face nearly every time he appears on camera, 2) This might just be because Nicholas is the happiest, goofiest man on the planet, 3) Spunk Worthy founder Jason won’t be getting many complaints from longtime fans of the site, 4) He was also right when he implied that both men enjoyed themselves more than they’d ever admit, 5) Nicholas shoots a great load, 6) His insane bubble butt gets plenty of airtime to the point where you can see every little muscle contracting, and just in case you had any doubts from my description, 7) Scottie is in this scene too.”



Drake for Corbin Fisher

We wrote: “Arguably, the hottest thing about this scene has nothing to do with 23 year-old straight jock Drake. His thrusts are somewhat tentative and uninspired when he fucks, yet they’re still enough to get Quinn stiff as a rock, dripping pre-cum from the tip of his dick. Quinn makes this scene as far as we’re concerned, and while Drake will certainly grow if (and when) he continues on his gay porn journey, he has a lot of work to do before he’s on the same level.”



Tony Paradise

We wrote: “In an ideal world, every single gay-for-pay porn star in existence would lose his ass virginity to Colby Jansen. You really can’t help but adore the mischievous grin plastered on his face, as soon as he hears that Tony Paradise is going to jail and needs to bottom for some extra cash… And that’s only the beginning! It gets much, much better from there.”




We wrote: “The Sean Cody newcomer gave up his hairy hole in a new scene with ridiculously hot top Brandon. Though he had confessed to engaging in some ass play before the clip, he claims he had never been with another man before this… Do you believe him? If not, does it really matter when he looks so damn good with a throbbing cock shoved inside of him?”



Daniel from Sean Cody

We wrote: “If you don’t have a raging erection at this very moment, then you’ve clearly never seen what Daniel looks like or you’re suffering from the most extreme case of erectile dysfunction known to man. The gorgeous muscle jock made his Sean Cody debut back in July, and we’ve been keeping track of his sexual evolution ever since. We had an outer-body experience watching him get his ass licked for the first time. We squealed in delight as he fucked Aidan, Rich and Brent. And the thought of him getting his fuzzy hole stuffed? It’s almost too much to handle (but we’ll surely manage).”



Paddy O'Brian bottoms

We wrote: “Paddy, thankfully, doesn’t just go through the motions. He puts on a good show with Topher DiMaggio, smacking his ass and begging for more as if (gasp) he’s actually experiencing pleasure from the rock hard shaft poking his prostate. It also helps that Paddy has a magnificent butt. We’ve watched him get rimmed over and over by the bottoms in his scene, and finally, someone gets to part all that dark fuzz and dive deep into his perfect pink pucker. Let’s just hope he liked it enough to come back for more!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: He did come back for more, and it’s one of my favorite scenes of the year.



SMITHSmith for Corbin Fisher

We wrote: “Whether it was a larger paycheck, mere curiosity or some combination of both, Smith finally returned to Corbin Fisher this week to get it on with Quinn. You can sense there’s some hesitation when he’s sucking dick, but he loosens up (and even seems to get a bit excited) when he’s eating Quinn’s hole and pounding him in various positions. Something tells us he’ll be back for more!”

We also wrote: “It was especially difficult to convince Smith to have sex with another man, and though it took a lot of pestering, their persistence paid off when he eventually agreed to top Quinn… So how did they persuade him into bottoming for Zeb in their latest scene? Presumably, the same way they get dozens of other muscle jocks to give up their virgin holes and make pleasurable noises whilst doing so. Hell, if we knew the secret, do you think we’d be sitting here writing this post?”



Christian Wilde

My dick wrote: “Hold me tightly and squeeze me until I squirt! Perfect human being Christian Wilde has given up his virgin butt in a new scene for NakedSword, and you will never guess in a million years whose big dick is thrusting in and out of his very gorgeous hairy pink hole… When I found out the answer, my head got a little wet and I could feel myself growing stronger. When I watched footage of Christian getting penetrated for the very first time, my head got even wetter and then it exploded and then I felt really weak and flopped down slowly. This was so good. It was really great. No really! Amazing!”


Best of Manhunt Daily 2013

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  1. I’ll have to pick Paddy. I fell in lust with him the first time I saw him. I LOVE him as a top and love him as a bottom, but I would prefer to be his bottom!

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