It’s Workout Wednesday, We Just Decided

Say what you will about the fashions of the 1980s, there were some good workout shorts. Check it out: four buff men in nothing but skimpy, silky little trunks.

The camera’s not afraid to show us their butts, either, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that would take a time machine back to 1982 or whenever and really give these guys an excuse to bend over. This is so ridiculous but also I would happily bang at least three of this foursome. (In the six times that I’ve watched this video in the last half hour, I’ve gone from preferring Mr. Hairy in the green shorts to the black gentleman in the back left corner to the smooth guy that seems, for whatever reason, to be the real star of the video. The guy behind him I could give or take.)

Look below for the companion videos dealing with stomach and legs, the more dancy aerobics video, and then prepare yourselves for the TOTALLY amazing cooldown, featuring a quiet storm and also steam effects.

– Lawrence





Aerobic Dance:



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182 thoughts on “It’s Workout Wednesday, We Just Decided

  1. I feel like this is the beginning of a porn from 1982: filming of the workout ends, the guys are all sweaty so they head to the locker room to shower off together, and then they end up fucking. Bam! I mean even the narration is a little erotic, I mean “pin up position.” Oh! And there’s the name: Pin-Up Position. Bam! We got a porn movie. So any porn studios interested in making a new movie, let’s talk.

  2. just when i thought i could NOT be more gay…lol…all were interesting, ie HOTT…but the last one…damn…got a boner just watching it…

  3. Erotic. I can’t believe that they made these types of aerobic videos back in the 80s. I know that I couldn’t act professional if I starred in this video, because I would pop a boner in the middle of the video shoot. lol lol Hot Hot Hot!

  4. I wish the dark haired guy in the red shorts from the first video was the one in those teeny tiny green trunks instead.

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