It’s Time To Look At Ryan Gosling’s Bulge!

In case you missed the link at the end of our Popular Demand roundup, there’s a deleted scene from last year’s The Place Beyond the Pines in which Ryan Gosling strips down and gives us a decent glimpse at his bulge. I’ve trimmed out all the boring bits from the original clip, so without any additional context, this excerpt feels more like the opening of a gay porn scene from Parole Him or Drill My Hole. In other words? I made it better.

At this point, I invite you to finish the script and write down what occurs between the police officer and Gosling’s character after the line, “Don’t throw your shit at me”. Hint! Your story should involve a ton of anal sex. Though it’d make most sense, given the power dynamic, for Gosling to bottom, the size of his bulge might lead you in other directions…

– Dewitt

Watch a clip of Ryan Gosling stripping down to his skivvies below:

Ryan Gosling



18 thoughts on “It’s Time To Look At Ryan Gosling’s Bulge!

  1. I knew it!! I remember a scene in Blue Valentine where it looks like he’s hard halfway down his thigh!

  2. I really don’t get the hype about this guy…He had fat injections in his cheeks to get that look that people find “cute”.
    You wouldn’t look at him twice without the make-up, the surgery and the fame.
    Nothing special.

  3. Oh well, I can have all the fat injections and make-up and surgery in the world and still won’t look half as cute. So there.

  4. Dewitt haven’t you heard Hollywood has away of making things appear bigger than what they actually are .? BUT NOT THIS TIME LOL !!!

  5. I like Ryan he is a good actor and you never hear any negative stuff about him ( at least I haven’t )

  6. hd, it seems your sole purpose on these pages is to constantly complain about anything that is posted, to explain why everything on here is shit, & why everyone on here is overrated.
    fact: I would rather be a sucker & appreciate something I find beautiful than be a twisted, bitter person who is so determined to only find negativity in what they see.

  7. Blabblabla I post enthusiastic things here quite often, you just don’t remember them .And I speak my mind if I want, don’t need your approval.

    next step you’re gonna call me a troll.

    Your comment is tired. I post here, deal with it, and take your meds.

    Ryan Gosling is a very ordinary looking guy on a pedestal because he has been in a few movies . This is fact. There is nothing to fawn over in the “before” pictures ( neither is there in the “after” ones imo), if you think otherwise you are deluded and don’t realize the stuff that influence your judgement.

  8. I like his movies but this post is so funny thanks for making me
    laugh. everyone with a Iphone is a teleactivist. now..stop

  9. I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. I’ve been crushing on him since he was Young Hercules.

  10. enlighten me…why am I so deluded?
    you say he’s on a pedestal because he’s in movies, but I don’t really like many of his movies, & I’m not convinced he’s a great actor. so what is it causing me to like him?
    it’s fascinating that millions of people find him beautiful, but you are so willing to declare everyone wrong just because you don’t find him attractive. are people only allowed to like what you like? is your definition of beautiful really the only acceptable one?

  11. WTF. Just because someone does or doesn’t think he’s hot doesn’t make them right or wrong. Beauty is subjective and it’s just an opinion. You like him… then look at him. You don’t… move the fuck on and STFU.

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