It’s Summer In Australia Right Now.

Thomas T

I spent a half hour staring at this website last night, trying to convince myself to buy this t-shirt (not the one above, which is also cute). It figures that the one time I find a shirt I’d wear, it’s from an Australian brand who’d have to ship overseas… Although, come to think of it, I seem to have a running love affair with all things down under—the men, the parties, the celebsthe musicthe athletes, and heaven fucking help me, the accents.

This came up in conversation with a friend who traveled to Australia last night, and to make matters worse, she reminded me that it’s also summer in that part of the world right now. Ugh, do you know what I’d do to lay out on a beach right now? Horrible, filthy things. That’s what I’d do.

In an ideal world, I’d be making out with a boy in the sand right now, wearing my purple pistol t-shirt and feeling our bulges rub against one another in our “budgie smugglers”. Instead? I am sitting here at my desk in front of a computer, hoping that Thomas T will see this post and send me a free sample for blogging about them…

What? I’m shameless, y’all.

– Dewitt

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One thought on “It’s Summer In Australia Right Now.

  1. Pity you don’t live here in Australia, Dewitt. I’d show you a good time, and I’d whisper some pretty hot stuff in your ear in my hot sexy Aussie accent. 😉

    Then I’d set you loose and watch the carnage as you fuck any guy you came across. Hehe. Course, I wouldn’t complain if you turned it on me. LOL

    Now I’ll take my hand off it and say that I don’t get the worlds fascination with us. We’re pretty boring when you get past the sexy surfers, hunky bears and sexy accent. 😉

    Hope you get those free samples. 😀

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