“It’s a sin” threeway scene had to be toned down, says director

It’s A Sin director Peter Hoar has revealed that he had to “lose a couple of moans” from Ritchie’s epic sex montage from episode one of the show. Written by Queer As Folk creator Russell T Davies, It’s A Sin dropped last month to critical acclaim, It stars Years and Years frontman Olly Alexander as Ritchie, a young gay guy from the Isle of Wight who enjoys a sexual odyssey in London ahead of the rise of HIV/Aids in 80s London.

“The whole thing about Ritchie’s sex montage was that it’s about him getting more confident and more open,” Hoar told Digital Spy of the scene in episode one.

“He starts off with a timid little blowjob. Then it’s a bit more than that. Then he’s a timid bottom. Then he’s going for it – flipping here and there and everywhere. Plus, then it’s fun, and he’s laughing, and he’s giggling.”

Hoar then explained: “We did have to lose a couple of moans. The censors said that there was too much pleasure. Again, I’m now thinking back to that moment, and going, “F**k off! It’s not porn. But it was Ritchie in a three-way, and he was having the time of his life. So why did I have to take the tone of that out?”

It’s A Sin is available to watch now on All4. 

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