Is YOUR Sexiest Man of 2013 In This Giant Wall of Pics?

In narrowing down the 250+ subjects considered for my “100 Sexiest Men of 2013” list, I knew there were going to be a lot of questions regarding the absence of certain favorites. For starters, I made the horrible mistake of eliminating anyone who previously appeared on another Best of Manhunt Daily countdown (and proceeded to accidentally break this rule several times). Then, of course, there were still those 150 or so guys who didn’t make the cut…

The majority of the grid below is made up of those guys. If your number one masturbational lust object’s still missing, there are a few possibilities—1) He’ll be added soon, 2) We didn’t write about him this year, or 3) He’s just plain heinous and nobody should ever be tortured with the blatantly unfortunate task of looking at him.

Oh, I’m just kidding about that last part! This is a thoroughly interactive post, so feel free to shout out the names of any faces you don’t see below. We’ll do our best to add them over the next week (or whenever we eventually see your comment)… With that in mind, the rest of you should be sure to revisit this page every now and then. The list will grow longer and longer over time, and we know how much you like long things. Wink, wink! Nudge nudge! Obvious joke!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

Click any picture below to see more of each man considered for our Sexiest Men of 2013 list:

Alex Piro

Mo Rocca

Adam Ayash

Jason Derulo

Nico Tortorella

Johnny HazzardDan The Pup

Topher DiMaggio

Antonio Valentino

Sean Xavier

Marcus IsaacsNicco Sky

Hugh Dancy

JavierJared Bradford Leblanc

Ricky Martin

Parker Hurley

Billy Blast

Jimmy Fanz

Hunter Marx

Derek Allen Watson

Nick Prescott

Jeremy Stevens

Jake Jennings

Justin CruiseJohn Kenney

Heath Jordan

Nick Sterling

Leo Domenico

Landon Conrad

Joe Manganiello

Rich Kelly

Justin Bartha

Josh Hutcherson

Christian Wilde

DW Chase

Eddie Granger

Brandon Bronco

Tate Ryder

Pawel Milner

Duncan Black

Bryan Hawn

Aaron Spady

Luke Adams


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9 thoughts on “Is YOUR Sexiest Man of 2013 In This Giant Wall of Pics?

  1. As always, I can’t decide because there’s so many hot fucking men. But I’ll do a top three of Liam Magnuson, Shawn Wolfe, Colby Keller, Jimmy Fanz, and Michael Prince.

    Fuck, that was five. I can’t help myself, you can’t possibly fit so many hot men into a finite list. I’m only human. ;_;

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