Is This Kanye West’s Penis In All Its Egotistical Glory?

There have been rumors that egomaniacal hip-hop messiah Kanye West had sent some pics of his dick to followers on MySpace. And finally, one of those pictures has supposedly surfaced via Media Takeout (if you couldn’t tell by the extreme watermarking). We’re sure it’s a fine size when he gets to twerkin’ with it, but we ask you – is it his? Take out your CSI: Manhunt magnifying glasses and note the pendant he’s wearing and that his body type seems to match up in both pics. A fine Photoshop job or the real (and veiny) thing? What do you think?

– J. Harvey

For the cock shot, follow the JUMP:

34 thoughts on “Is This Kanye West’s Penis In All Its Egotistical Glory?

  1. Hate to say it , but “don’t really care”

    Use the cyber space for someone that actually matters in the world and contributes.
    Got Nathan Lane nude?

  2. Couldn’t care less. I hate him, his ego, the filth he calls music, the way he looks, his personality, and everything about him. Why this offensive creep is a wealthy celebrity escapes all manner of reason, in my opinion.

  3. Well, I met Kanye in a private setting at Nike WHQ a few years ago (Pre-Taylor Swift situation and douche-baggery). I can say, from seeing it myself, that the tattoo is, in fact, his. But it’s on the wrong arm in this picture. But it’s probably just the camera that flipped it.

    I then did some google searching.
    All the other pictures on google of him shirtless showed that it is the same chest, and the same stomach (they even match right down to the belly button and that little flap of skin that hangs over it).

    So, in my opinion, it’s definitely his. Looks like he’s due for a trim soon 😛

  4. Who gives a FUCK! He is ugly, no not ugly….Fucking ugly. He is nothing but a foul mouthed MF. I am disappointed that you even ask us what we think. There is bound to be something better you could have sent us to look at.

  5. Such bitter hatred! I have never witnessed it like I have on this site. You all preach against bigotry, but I see it in it’s purest form on here every day. Hypocrits.

    I like the pictures and hope it’s him!

  6. I’m a fan of Kanye’s music and his talent. he’s 5 albums in and still has a love for music. His lyrics and wordplay are so poetic and thoughtful. It’s obvious that he puts a lot of effort into making his music.

    As for Kanye himself, imo; he’s handsome and his peen pic is just the icing on the cake.

  7. Bitter hatred? Possibly. Bigoted? I don’t think so. I don’t see any reference to his race anywhere in any of these posts. The fact that he’s black does not make any negative statement against him automatically bigoted or racist.

    His antics in the past (the Katrina fundraiser blowup, and more recently the MTV Awards incident, to name just two) haven’t exactly done wonders for his popularity. I honestly believe that the majority of backlash against him is his own fault for being disrespectful and insensitive to ANYONE AND EVERYONE around him.

    I’m not saying bigotry and racism aren’t still HUGE problems – I live in the deep south and see it every day. Don’t trivialize the real problem by saying that this self-important narcissist is the target of bigotry because people think he’s an asshole or don’t like what he puts on his albums.

  8. who cares?
    he has only to look at the T Swift moment as the peak of his egoccentric excess. I think
    he’s pulling back, and deserves to be judged
    as per his apology, and what he does today.
    We give Mel Gibson more slack then KANYE –
    is it because he’s black? Are we racists?
    Mel had the serious spewing hatred of race
    and religion and and and. But we’re harder
    on KANYE why? Remind me again. He screwed up – get over it. Taylor has. Join her.

  9. I do not fine Kanye the least bit attractive and could careless if that is his cock or not but the man is talented and I cannot denied him of that , Dave I will agree that Kanye problems R of his own making but comments of G W Bush hates Black People ( perhaps inappropriate at the time ) was how a lot people myself included felt and still do ……..

  10. Okay, quite honestly, I could care less about Kanye’s member being sent anywhere or if the pics are fake or not. Yes, that’s a pretty good peen but that’s not the point I want to make.

    I’m a black man and gay as well and it really pisses me off how our community sits here and screams to the top of our lungs how we deserve equal rights and how people should unite and not be so hateful, but a majority of you will turn around within a millisecond and judge every single person out there and expose your hate to everyone.


    On top of that, I agree that Kanye was wrong with the whole VMA incident last year, but really? THAT WAS LAST YEAR! Get the F over it! Both parties have and the whole world needs to also. Not only that, Kanye West is by far one of the most adamant supporters of the GLBT community and has been there supporting gay rights for years. Sabazius25 was right when he said that we cut Mel Gibson a lot of slack because everyone has basically laughed at his antics when he’s blatantly being discriminating towards almost every single demographic in the world, but Kanye gets torn to bits by the media and the shallow minded haters of America just for speaking what he sees out in front of him and just speaking his opinion? Shut the front door!

    I’ve been an avid reader of Manhunt Daily for over a year now and for the most part ignored a majority of these comments that have been posted on the blogs, but now they are starting to get quite repetitive and shallow. I’m fighting for my rights for equality as a gay black man, but not by using hate. I’ll be damned if I stand next to that.

    At least show the man the respect that he deserves as an artist because the rest of this industry is just starting to turn to bullshit and he is one of the few artists left that actually cares about the music and art and not about making money.

    Grow the hell up and open your eyes.

    Better yet, a handful of you just need to look in the mirror.

  11. i can appreciate nice thick veiny black cock and i want to suck his dick and lick his black dickhead all night. it’s so thick i want it in my mouth. i want jim to lay back and let me suck his thick dick till milk explodes in my mouth and face.

  12. What clinches it is Kanye saying in Rolling Stone, “I can’t sing, dance, or play an instrument, yet I’m on the top of the music business, at least he knows he has no musical talent and and he has made millions of dollars from hype , and pretty much impressionable young people, God help us

  13. Dude Original Sen, r u smokin crack dude,Kanye is rude, has no musical talent( as stated in Rolling Stone,in his own words) he is like totally mocking peple like you who have fallen for his shit and made him a millionaire

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