Is MANHUNT wrong?

I was reading a fairly old article the other day that suggested websites like are corrosive to the way gay men come together and view dating in general. They touted that the whole idea of cruising and casual hook ups somehow delegitimized the gay dating scene compared with heterosexual dating. Fuckin’ bullshit is all I can say.

Sure we changed the game but we’re just giving supply to millennia old demand. It’s not like anybody is saying that sites like delegitimized shit all when the same argument could easily be made.

As men we like to cum and often. In my experience it’s just simpler when you both have cocks and more than that I feel like guys in general are way more comfortable with their sexuality… at least those that can admit to the allure of a handsome man’s member.

If you know what you like then it isn’t an insult when other people question your sexuality. As a college age guy taking his first dance class this semester I can’t help but notice that I am the only guy there that is ok with shaking my hips and moving in… uh, well, less than “manly” ways.

I mean no matter who you are trying to attract being able to fuckin’ dance is a big one up. Not to mention how sexy a well sculpted body can be!

My point is that comparing gay dating to hetero is a case of apples and fuckin’ oranges and to say that we here at MANHUNT are somehow undermining the value of gay relationships is naïve to say the least.


4 thoughts on “Is MANHUNT wrong?

  1. If it weren’t for Manhunt, I never would have met and stayed in touch with(besides the fact that we all fucked and sucked each other) some really tremendous men!

  2. I disagree. It’s too easy to fall into a gay-centric view when you’re looking at social change – if you’re gay, that is. The Ashley Madison breach showed us that the straights are just as into the new “supply” for the demand of easier sex. And there are sites like Tinder or specialty heterosexual sex sites that are doing a booming business hooking hets up. Gays have the dubious honor of breaking the social stuckness first, but with technology moving so rapidly, the heterosexuals are catching up fast. And that’s a good thing, because there’s a time for dating and a time for sex and with these new apps, all of us get a choice.

  3. I met one of my best friends on here.
    On AFF I talk to a lot of slutty women.

    I love both sites! 🙂

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