iPhone Wars: Battle of The Jockstraps

Do you like looking at pictures of hot guys in jockstraps? Of course you do! And since we enjoy catering to things you like, we’ve rounded up four attractive gentlemen for today’s Battle of The Jockstraps. It’s been a while since we covered this territory on iPhone Wars, and we couldn’t resist bringing it back!

Speaking of the back, only one of our contestants is providing the view from behind. While we’d normally consider this disappointing, the rest of the competitors are looking damn good in the front! So what do you think? Who will you be voting for today?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Guys With iPhones

To check out the full pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:





31 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of The Jockstraps

  1. Never been a big fan of jockstraps. Never saw the point of them, since they don’t actually support your junk. But to answer the question, D

  2. Really Beefy pup because D is fit,trim & looks good N a jock strap he must be starving himself ? or could it be that D spends more time N the gym than Mc,Donalds !!! BTW D all the way ………..

  3. “A” – ingenuity goes a long way. And the tats are nice too. “D” is too lean. “C” is outta focus and it’s a boring shot. “B” gets points for being beefy. But “A” is my winner… the pose, the ink… the hard-on in my pants. Yep… “A” it is.

  4. I’m going with A for the original angle and camera placement. He’s also the only one with the ass “money shot.”

  5. I have a thing for dom Texan tops so I voted for B. That man reminds me of Bam-Bam and he has a mighty nice club inside that red strap of his. He could drag me into his cave for some ‘wildcuddling’ any time day or night (hopefully day AND night!)

  6. For the first time ever, I am going to go with ‘none of the above’… And I love jock straps.
    None of these guys really do anything for me…

  7. Really? Overall the guys here are not as hot as they usually have them. =/ I voted for A because he’s def cute, w/ a nice ass. Except the phone in the jock kind of takes away from the pic. =(
    My second vote would have gone to D…but he looks like he is kind of out of his prime already to be that muscular. =/


  8. Come on give A a break – it’s from GWIP where the iphone must be in view. I’m an ass man so I’m smitten with A, the fact he has nice arms and looks like he’s cute are added bonuses.

  9. the point of a jockstrap is to show off the ass (no one care what it looks like from the front); since only A is doing so, he wins by default.

  10. A it is. sweet ass but too bad u cant really get a good view of the rest of his body. but from i can see, nice. plus, an original way of taking a pic, look ma no hands! lol! MH should run one for back sides only and another for front only.

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