Introducing Maverick Men Directs!

Cole and Hunter of Maverick Men are at it again, but this time they are (mostly) staying behind the camera as directors for their new site, Maverick Men Directs. As the pair has traveled the globe – sucking, fucking and recording for your delight – they have also been collecting content that features a slightly different style. A combination of known adult stars and amateurs are captured in the up-close-and-personal style you’ve seen from the couple, but you’ll likely see less of the two for upcoming scenes (one can only imagine that they are busy jerking it while directing).Cole Maverick Men DirectsP1010950


For now, Cole and Hunter are busy playing with their new talent, so expect to see them in these videos. But if you like your sex aggressive, nasty, verbal, and dominant, then you’re gonna love this group gang bang. This latest video has got everything from sucking and fucking to chocking, spitting hand cuffs, pad-locked chastity devices, wrestling masks, and a wrestling singlet, too!

As Maverick Men Directs states:

“We started out this night by fucking the hell out of Little Wolf’s BEAUTIFUL hairy Puerto Rican man ass until he just couldn’t take any more. He begged us for a break and asked if we could get a bottom boy over to the house for HIM to top. I called over our little bondage gimp for Little Wolf to use and abuse.

Originally, we were gonna just us film Little Wolf pounding the mercy out of the gimp, but everything got so hot that we had to jump in and pound that hole, too.”

So, enjoy the new Maverick Men Directs videos that will be surely direct your dick to more fun!

19 thoughts on “Introducing Maverick Men Directs!

  1. i’m very glad to see Dewitt gone — but i find the previous post, “And now for something completely different,” somewhat disingenuous with its claim of wanting to focus on the readers’ preferences, given that it’s immediately following by the maverick men, who are consistently the most reviled and hated topic on this blog — seems… unlikely that things are about to get significantly better

  2. That butt is almost as furry as my-own but my butt furry is blond and don’t show up too well in a photo but blonds have more fuck sorry fun

  3. you don’t pay for manhunt daily its a free blog, you may par for a membership on manhunt,net but that is not manhunt daily which is a free site. so if you don’t like it don’t click on the link to it.

  4. Dewitt really must have been the glue holding this site together. Now the site has reverted to its old design, and the front page of the site is broken.

    To be fair though, this is “something completely different”.

  5. Bring Dewitt back. I enjoyed his commentary. If this is a taste of thing to come then im already bored and wont be returning.

  6. yawn!!!! You have “fixed” something which wasn’t broken. Write a book instead on how to lose customers.

  7. It is surprising that one guy can change a website that has been so good for so many years. Manhunt used to be the place to go for good blogs & pics. Now that DeWitt has left there just isn’t anything to come here for. I will not be renewing membership that I have had for years. I never thought DeWitt was that bad and like the way he kept us update on new stars & porn companies. RIP DeWitt

  8. Obviously you guys can’t even come CLOSE to Dewitt’s posts!! One every three weeks is BULLSHIT.
    Maverick men?? Nasty old fucker.
    Looking else where for a DECENT blog like you USED to SUPPORT!!!
    You guys are incapable of filling Dewitt’s shoes and it shows. The keep up you have shown is absolutely pitiful!!!

  9. I really want to get into porn how can I make it happen I’m in London and bottom, up for older guys/gangbang scenes etc? X

  10. Hey Manhunt – What’s going on? First you make it necessary to pay to use the site – OK, we’ve all got to make a buck. But then you take away MH Daily? You can say what you want about Dewitt – but he kept up a lively flow and he had a voice. There was a person, a personality there and made MH seem more human. His weekly features were good and if I went to the site and saw nothing to cruise – I often killed time by reading his blogs. I bet you are now seeing a shorter time on the site without the Daily – which is never a good thing. If you can’t work with Dewitt then work with someone else.

  11. Could you guys at least recycle some of Dewitt’s old post and label it “Manhunt Daily Classics” until you figure out what the hell you’re going to do with or find someone who knows what to do with Manhunt Daily? Maverick Men Direct is just about the worst thing you guys could have done!

  12. you want to change this it’s been on for about 4 days now and BTW I don’t think much of these guys anyway

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