In Which Jason Trawick Loses Fifty Pounds…

We realize this looks like one of those fake “before and after” shots from a weight loss infomercial. However, the pictures above are both of Jason Trawick, who you may or may not recognize as that dude Britney Spears has been banging for the past two years. According to US Weekly, he’s lost over fifty pounds since they’ve been together.

So are we the only ones who think he looked better when he was “fat”? Sure, we appreciate all the hard work that went into achieving those “ripped abs”, but some people are built to rock a little meat on their bones. Not that we don’t understand Jason’s desire to shed a few. When the media refers to you as the “hairy and pudgy” boyfriend of an international pop superstar, it could probably get under your skin…

– Dewitt

To see the progression of Jason’s weight loss, follow the JUMP:

(Not necessarily in chronological order)

40 thoughts on “In Which Jason Trawick Loses Fifty Pounds…

  1. He definitely looks better now…but looked best when he was looking lean and fit (last couple of pix) and before he was “overpumped”

  2. The photo of him on the balcony is awful. He looks simultaneously buffed up and emaciated. He needs a better trainer who can help him find a look that is both fit and attractive on his frame.

  3. Must be nice havin a suga momma, so then all you have to do is work out all day….

    Fucking trash. Oh, and the guy’s pretty lame too.

  4. He looks creepy now. I prefer the before shot. There’s nothing wrong with stock. It’s not like he had moobs or fat folds.

    But I think his ideal weight was in the middle pictures when he had that unfortunate dye job. He looks good there.

  5. lol. did he get older in the process too?
    his hair looks grey.
    anyways, pretty impressive. his body looks hot now.

  6. I like him better now, not that I didn’t like him before…before he was such a cutie, but now he’s such a hottie!! yum yum ^^

  7. he was creepy skinny for a while there…looks like he crash dieted before actually working out.

  8. Lol. Love the skeleton look he’s rocking in the last pic – it works for him 😉

    I think he looked cuter when he was rounder. It actually doesn’t look like the same person anymore. The new, buff him looks SO old.

  9. He was way cuter before, and I know it might be a picayune issue, but I respect that she’d be with a guy that isn’t “ripped.” But in other news, I can’t believe I’m even commenting on a Britney post.

  10. he looks best in that pic with brit in black undies.
    he got his cute face there & hot body.
    on all other photos after that he kinda looks like a different person.
    definitely looks better slim.

  11. I think he looks much better now, but he also looks much less happy. The hotness, IMO, has as much to do with his hair and face as his body… but I definitely like that cut / ripped look better than the husky / pudgy look.

    But then, I’m weird: I love giving head and don’t care for anal sex at all. Few things are as unattractive as a gut in my face while I’m sucking a dude off…

  12. The pic of him in the blue board shorts was fine, she’s in the black bikini. Can he get Britney back in top shape while he’s at it, she used to have one of the best bodies in music.

  13. Yeah, someone call Skeletor and let ‘im know this guy’s stealing his schtick. I’m all for muscles, but maintain a reasonable body fat percentage – I’d sooner have a little gut in my face when I’m sucking cock then try to pull him in and cut myself on a guy’s hipbones. Just sayin’…

  14. He looked much better before! The abs just look stupid on a man that is clearly supposed to have more weight on him

  15. Definitely prefer the before photos… He looks like Tony Bourdain now. And considering that Bourdain is over fifty and did a whole lot of drugs in his youth, that’s far from a good thing.

  16. I think he looked best during his transition.
    He did look nice with some meat on his body, but the fifth pic after the jump is so sexy!

  17. I agree–those pics are the best. He’s lost the pudge but he’s not the emaciated, overly lean guy that he’s become. A haircut wouldn’t hurt either.

  18. I am sorry but I find absolutely NOTHING ATTRACTIVE about being over weight & obviously neither does he !!!

  19. You mean “normal”? He wasn’t fat by any means, just not a skinny gym bunny. This is what’s wrong with the media, pushing their view of fit in out faces.

  20. Definitely prefer the “before” version. The first two photos after the jump, yes he looked a little overweight, but not horrible. The next three he looked the best and most “normal”. Then it got progressively scarier. The last one (on the balcony) looked like manorexia.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t consider starving yourself + dieting on protein powder and steroids + living in the gym for hours per day as “normal”. I see it as obsessive.

    Just FYI, I’m not fat. And I’m not ripped either. I look normal and I’m happy with it.

  21. Well good on him for taking better care of himself. Can you imagine the pressure that must be involved in being Mr. Spears? Just like on here, people will pick and pick and pick at you to try and bring you down so that they think they’ll feel better about themselves. Brit comes with lots of baggage.

  22. i think he just went a little too far, the pic a few from the bottom… she’s in the blk bikini and he’s in the blue and purp plaid trunks… he looked really good. I think the trainer is just milking money now.

  23. I’m no chubby chaser so I’m in support of him getting into shape and toning up. Sorry fatties out there..the myself or media isn’t here to enable you anymore and say Fat is beautiful. Its actually repulsive..

  24. There’s a big difference between “normal” and “fit,” unfortunately. “Normal” is nowhere near “fit.”

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