Curious About The Current State of America?

I’m not sure how I feel about America right now. And I’m not talking about the 2010 midterm elections. As much as it was extremely important to get out and vote today, you probably didn’t come here to read a post about politics on Manhunt Daily. If I’m mistaken, feel free to chime in with your thoughts on today in the comments section. I mean, what better place to discuss our government than under pictures of people getting fucked?

All jokes aside, America from Dirty Tony has always intrigued me. This guy has appeared on the site in a variety of scenes, and I can’t quite pinpoint why he’s so popular. Sure, I’m into the whole dopey, spaced out straight boy thing as much as the next guy, but is there something more to this?

Maybe it has something to do with the way he makes his scene partners moan, as he drives his rock hard cock deep into their eager holes. Or maybe it’s something else? Help me out, guys!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

To check out America and Luke in action, follow the JUMP:

40 thoughts on “Curious About The Current State of America?

  1. I’m sorry, America may be able to make his partners moan twenty different ways to China, but the guy’s a dimwit — and that’s just NOT sexy! I like Luke, though. I’d do “things” with him!! Very hott!!

  2. Why would anyone be into the whole “dopey, spaced out straight boy thing”? Why wouldn’t you want to fuck (or be fucked by) a guy who has enough wit, poise, and composure to be intellectually as well as physically attractive? You don’t have to be an Einstein or a physicist–you can be knowledgeable about sports or cars instead of opera and high art–but the appearance of utter vacuity is a turn-off. And I apologize to all of those who fantasize about straight guys, but I’d rather sleep with someone who is going to *enjoy* sex with a guy and isn’t just tolerating it.

  3. All of his scene partners are much hotter than he is. And if that is not a stage name, what kind of idiots would stick their kid with a name like America?

  4. This pointless “article” basically sums up everything so wrong about the gay community today. Hey, let’s not worry about politics – you know, as an oppressed minority who should be fighting for rights and all, and whose lives are very much affected by the outcome of today’s election – let’s look at pictures of guys getting fucked. Which is all a cross-promotional advertising deal, anyway.


  5. What’s wrong with America is you. What does this lame ass paid promotional twink porn have anything to do with America other then representing everything that’s wrong with it?

  6. Aaron this is a porn blog. I’ve been on news sites literally all day at work keeping up with local and national elections, and then I voted at 6:00 and returned home to watch exit polls. I came over to MHD to fire off some knuckle-children and now thanks to you I have a raging softy.

    -All my love, Flaccid.

  7. AARON FOR THE WIN!!! This election is basically deciding whether the government of the united states is going to be run Aw a pack of moral bigots or a bunch of megalomaniacs (in my opinion either way we’re effed) and all we can do as a group of people who will be OUTRAGEOUSLY affected by the next 4 years in politics is discuss whether or not we would fuck some guy just because of his penis size… You know I wouldn’t vote in favor of us either if I was on the outside of this community.

  8. WDeanis LOL if Aaron comments gave U a downer than perhaps U should see a doctor because the bottom is pretty FUCKING hot and well top “STUPID” but hell nothing hotter than FUCKING the S**T out of a stupid ass bottom !!! BTW can we just stop with the whole STR8 SHIT ! I mean when your dick is deeply buried up some guys tight ass ( even if they R getting paid 4 it ) the STR8 SHIT just doesn’t work or should I say I am convinced he ( AMERICA ) is STR8 now he just needs 2 convince himself !!!

  9. The current state of America is depressing enough without having to watch someone like this guy making love to a good-looking bottom.

  10. Fuck, Somebody always has to be negative. If you don’t like the site, articles & pictures then why are you here? America is Hot!

  11. “I mean, what better place to discuss our government than under pictures of people getting fucked?”
    SO HILARIOUS. I love you guys — hahahahaha! It’s so true!

    Just *SO* annoyed at Michele Bachmann here in Minnesota. She just doesn’t stop it.

  12. the bottom is hot, the top needs a hood. I laughed at the pic of the bottom on his stomach being fucked. He is “in pain”. uh huh lol

  13. not all of us here are american. go cry over your loser nation and why it doesnt like you somewhere else.

  14. @Aaron, you’re on what has always been a gay hook up site. Why would expect anything other than pictures of two guys fucking from a web site called “Manhunt”? There are plenty of news web sites to go to talk about politics. This was never intended to be one of them.

  15. I’m more interested in politics than porn so porn lovers may skip this one.
    “Oppressed minority”? little caesars in black robes are trying to run the military. Even though it fails every time its voted on, gay “marriage” is shoved down the majority’s throat by little caesars. Yesterday, voters showed that they had enough of Obama-Pelosi-Reid ramming their agenda down our throats. I’m a vet and I didn’t expect the military to change its culture because of my sexual preference.
    We are supposed to be a self-governing people so I reject activist judges and smug, arrogant, out-of-touch politicians pushing their minority agendas.

  16. I posted a very short and innocuous political comment on my profile two nights ago, and it was deleted by Manhunt. Apparently the owner is allowed his opinions, but we are not allowed ours. I agree with the commenters here who so cogently point out the importance of debate in our community.

    And since when on a hookup site aren’t politics sometimes as much an indicator of compatability as eye color or an interest in interior decoration or hockey teams?

  17. I’m sure you can’t tell how intelligent somebody is from listening to whatever they are scripted to say. If that were the case then all porn performers would be morons according to the “Wechsler IQ Test Ratings”. Luckily we all know that they are only parroting words that some director/ writer wants them to say.

    @ Dewitt,
    I’ve never seen “America” before but perhaps his popularity stems from the fact that he doesn’t have a pumped-up Gym-body and isn’t covered by the obligatory tattoos. Believe it or not, but there truly are people who like the average look 🙂

    @ Tea Partier,
    I’m NOT sure what you are trying to say; Are you against GLBT people demanding their equal rights? Please don’t tell me that you’re one of those self-hating Gay men! It is 2010 and you have the right to be counted, respected and treated as an equal. The time for hiding in the closet and being denied your rightful place as a citizen of your country and the world is over!

  18. rowin, just because we don’t see eye to eye on politics does not make us self hating. I have to agree with Tea Partier on this one. And I do not hate myself.
    And I DEFINITELY don’t hate you, rowin! 😉

  19. 🙂 Good one ToddM,

    I really don’t think this is a political discussion. I don’t see why people have such a huge problem with officially allowing, respecting and accepting Gay’s in the military.

    Does anybody honestly believe that Gays in the armed forces are a new phenomenon? Even in the history books there are references to Great military commanders who were Gay, I’m sure you know about the personal guard of Alexander the Great called the “Army of Lovers” because they were all homosexuals? Why act like it is the end of the world if a Gay man/ woman chooses to dedicate his/ her life to the defense of their country? Why NOT embrace them like most Armed forces around the globe do? I really don’t see the problem!

    Then we have the mother of all MOTHERS: “Gay marriage” a.k.a. same-sex marriage. In my humble opinion opposition to same-sex marriages is absolutely ludicrous especially when you hear what motivates such opposition.
    1. God made Adam and Eve, and NOT Adam and Steve! But what if I’m Agnostic?
    2. Same-sex marriage undermines heterosexual marriage! How? What possible effect can the marriage between two men/ women in New York have on the marriage of a heterosexual couple in Wisconsin? I can assure you that if your wife or husband leaves you because a Gay couple got married down the street, there is something that he/ she isn’t telling you!

    Legally speaking marriage is a contract and must therefore be open to all competent adults. If you are against same-sex marriages the solution is simple: DON’T MARRY SOMEONE OF THE SAME SEX! But in a free, open and democratic society others should have the right to decide differently. If you believe in democracy, equality and fair-play then logically you can’t object to GLBT citizens serving in the Armed forces or their rights to enter into a marriage contract with the partner of their choice!

  20. Personally, in speaking to some straight people I know, they wouldn’t have an issue with homosexuals marrying except for this one thing: Look how long an average homosexual relationship lasts. And look at how many relationships allow for play outside of the relationship. Yes, I know that it happens in the straight community as well. But look at how blatant homosexual men are about sleeping around. If more couples were like you, rowin, and your partner, I think there wouldn’t be such a “war” against gay marriage.

    Every relationship I’ve had has ended because my partner couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. And I’ve talked with SOOO many other men where it’s been the same for them. Let’s PROVE that we are capable of a commitment, and then I’m sure that people’s minds will be changed. In my opinion, marriage should be more than just getting access to our partner’s insurance, etc. It should be about commitment! Loving one another! Being HONEST with one another. And not running off after the first argument we have. And trust me, I have a problem with that happening in the straight community as well! I think divorce is WAY too easily received! I think we need to get back to the true meaning of marraige. What it’s really all about.

    I’m appalled at how “long” a relationship lasts anymore on both sides of the fence. But you have to admit it is worse on the homosexual side. I think if we could prove that we are in it for the right reasons, opinions would change.

    Also as long as we continue to have the HUGE wild sex parties and say that the parties show who we are, we aren’t doing ourselves any favors.

    I appreciate your kind thoughts, rowin.

  21. I think you bring many strong arguments to the table and I agree that people walk away too easily when the relationship hits a rough patch. They are equally quick in finding a new “love of their lives” I truly feel that if it goes so quickly and so easily that you have to wonder how deep and genuine the “love” they feel actually is.

    Believe me when I say that I love and adore my Mark, but I don’t always like him 🙂 but everyday again I [we] choose to commit to each other and to the relationship.
    We adhere to the few rules we set for ourselves:
    1. We do not EVER argue in the bedroom [it’s our argument free zone]
    2. Saturday evening is our date night, and that takes priority over everything else, even when we are angry with each other we still do something together and just by doing that by the end of the evening the anger is gone.
    3. There is no such thing as an “open relationship” the moment it is open there is no longer a relationship. The key therefore is monogamy!

    Having said that I do believe that we are talking about two separate issues:
    1. What do people actually think commitment means
    2. Equality under the law and therefore accepting that Gay couples have the same rights as straight couples to the institute of marriage.

  22. I applaud your set of rules. Dang! Why can’t I find someone like you or Mark?!? It seems so simple! But I’ve yet to find it.

    I agree with you on the open relationship statement. A therapist I know says that in the thirty years of her career, she has YET to see ONE relationship survive an open relationship. It just does not work.

  23. ToddM & Rowin it is refreshing 2 see 2 people with opposing views so eloquently said with out a single word of dis-respect . Although I some what disagree with the both of your arguments I strongly applaud both of U 4 your well spoken convictions .BTW Tea Partier When Bush-Chaney-Rumsfeld agenda plunge this Country N2 a bloody war that destroyed the lives of thousands of People did U have the same views with regards 2 smug , arrogant, out of touch , war mongering,politicians and there minority agenda or does that train of thought only leave the station when the agenda is democratic and with no blood shed required ?
    Freakzomb My 1st thought was 2 tell U 2 go FUCK yourself But since that would be so beneath me 2 stoop 2 your level I am just going 2 go with my 2ND thought and just say FUCK
    U !!! 1 more thing I would not be at all surprise if U R in fact BLACK yourself !!!

  24. I dunno, I think most of his appeal is definitely that dopey str8 boy thing but he has a very powerful sexual charism not to mention a rocking body. I love that shot where you can just see his balls between his legs (beneath that cute ass) slapping on the bottoms ass. Yummmm! All of that along with his “suck me, I’ll fuck you” only thing I’m certain makes him appealing to us mo’s… certainly appealing to me.

    Side note: keep using the video player you used here. This one works for me and the other one never does. Keep up the good work in general.

  25. @Tea Partier – I find it rich when people call judges “activist” simply because they have done their job and *interpreted the law* but came to a conclusion the “accuser” does not agree with. In my experience, conservatives are far more likely to employ this tactic. I don’t agree with the Supreme’s Court’s decision to allow unlimited corporate funds in political races (corporations do not have “free speech” rights), but I don’t think they were being “activist” judges.

    @ToddM – did you ever think that gay relationships don’t seem to last as long as straight ones because (a) children are usually not involved, and for better or worse, parents tend to stick together for their children, and (b) society generally condemns gay relationships. You can’t have it both ways and say gays don’t deserve marriage because their relationships fail, but not provide the official recognition of their relationships that would at least give them an even shot of succeeding! But even more important, it’s nobody’s business what I or anyone else choose to do in my relationship or how long it might last. Equal rights are just that, and they are not dependent on anyone’s judgment or opinion.

  26. anyone know the real name of america and whether he is an escort, ive got a proposition for him 🙂

  27. I think America is hot!!!! He has an awesome cock & he can pound forever. He is the best fuck I’ve ever had!!!! Oh god just thinking of how many times he came is making me so hard!

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