In Bed With Colby Keller: Cheaters

Cheating! Or as it’s more popularly known – “fucking around”. Have you ever? Has it ever been done to you? It can be a devastating betrayal and signal the end of your relationship. Or it can function as a wake-up call that something just isn’t working, and you both need to re-examine everything.

Trust me when I type that, I know a whole bunch of our readers are going “uh, bitch – the website you blog for CONTRIBUTES to people cheating!” Maybe so, but that’s neither here nor there. Utilizing Manhunt when you’re supposed to be in a monogamous relationship is the symptom, not the actual illness.

Cue Colby Keller. He’s our “sexpert“, and he’s got some tips on how to avoid the urge to stick your dick in some stranger. He’s also got some advice for those who have cheated and want to save their relationships. Click “play” and learn.

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– J. Harvey

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7 thoughts on “In Bed With Colby Keller: Cheaters

  1. WOW you picked a whooper to talk about Colby.

    As a guy in a long term relationship, 9 years now, Monogamy is not an easy deal as you said. You get too comfortable with the sexual relationship and a lot gets lost you use to have when it was young and exciting. But as long as rules and guidelines are set and talked about as well as observed messing around with someone outside the relationship as long as it is not hidden or being sneaky about it should not be a no no if it helps the relationship last.

    My Husband enjoys web cam jerking off with others finds it truly enjoyable. That is awesome for him but not my cup of tea and not a turn on.

    So I do my best to find some fun real time to spice things up for myself. It took communication and understanding as well as some rules for this to be okay and nothing is hidden so it does not effect our life together.
    I would rather have us do this than have things fall apart between us. When we are old enough where sex no longer matters at least we will still have each others love and companionship.

  2. the typical ‘open relationship’ …….kinda stick together so you ‘won’t be alone when you are old enough’

  3. We have love, honesty, share everything and work together to achieve each others goals in life and things we want to have. Play games together and so much more. While we do have sex with each other it just is not what it us to be nor is it often.

    What is wrong with keeping a healthy sex life that is not totally monogamist?

  4. Why are you dumping on a type of relationship that you don’t know the contours off?

    You can disagree, but do you really have to be condescending? Because I could be condescending to you as well. Because really, are you 12? Do you think happy ever after happens without work and concessions? Do you really think that aging does not change who you are in the moment when you fall inlove?

    I don’t know if you see anything but romantic comedies and read only Barbara Cartland books, but We live in a world that has dramatically changed from the times in which people were stuck together through conventions and expectations.

    And if that applies to straight people, it applies almost tripple to gay people. We are in a state of flux, in a society that begins to accept us, to give us rights. Expectations are had of gay couples now that have never been had before, culturally. Marriages, settlement, children. Which are all great, but they are a change from the expectations society had from us not 15 years ago.

  5. That us all extra pressure, on couples nowadays. Add to that the constant bombardment from the media that we shouldn’t only be younger, thinner, more beautiful, smarter and more competent, but that we should want that from our partners at all times.

    If you think that love alone can sustain a relationship then you are pathetically naive. Of you think concessions on jacking off online, or having an open relationship are any different than conceding on not having the career you Desire, living in the neighbourhood that you want, respect someone’s right to follow a religion that antagonises everything you believe in then you are just stupid and should get out more.

    Instead of dumping on everyone else’s relationship remember that you circumstances can change and that you can end up eating your wors in a couple of years.

    So be polite!

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