Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds donates Childhood home to LGBTQ organization

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has donated the house he grew up in to an LGBTQ organisation. The ‘Thunder’ singer’s former home, which is worth over $1 million (£723,185), will go to Encircle, a group creating resource centres for LGBTQ youth in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. The donation will go towards the non-profit’s ‘$8 Million, 8 Houses’ campaign.

Announcing the news on Good Morning America on Friday, the star said: “To know, with my mom and dad’s blessing, I was able to purchase the home for them and it’s going to be the first Encircle home in Las Vegas — that’s powerful for me.” Apple CEO Tim Cook and Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith are also backing the cause.

Dan added in a statement with wife Aja Volkman: “Encircle is about bringing young LGBTQ+ people and their families together, by including the community and strengthening the bonds that connect us. Being a part of this organization means so much to both of us and we know the house Dan grew up in will be a loving and supportive home to every young LGBTQ+ person who crosses the threshold.”

Cook meanwhile said on GMA: “This is why I came out. I was getting notes from kids. Kids who were contemplating suicide, kids that are being bullied. I wanted to share a part of my life, and being involved with this with Dan and Ryan – and taking it to a new level – is what it’s all about.”

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