I’m Not Sure Where To Look In This Lucas Four-Way

There’s A LOT going on in this bareback four-way from Lucas Entertainment!


Alejandro Castillo, Wolf Rayet, new stud Dominic Arrow, and Denis Sokolov (his Twitter says it’s a single “s” despite how Lucas bills him) deep-throat each other’s throbbing cocks as they take turns exploring each other’s aching buttholes. There’s so much tanned muscle slapping together, it’s impossible to choose which part of this scene is going to make me blow my load.

Is it Denis Sokolov getting plowed?


Is it Wolf Rayet greedily gobbling cock while Alejandro Castillo fucks in the foreground?

1fggi9 (1)

Or is it just the overall sweaty pyramid of fuck flesh they’ve built here?


All I know is that – ROPES. I was shooting ROPES. Working from home is fucking awesome.

There’s more of these four below. You can watch the entire scene over at Lucas Entertainment.

Michael Xavier

Press “PLAY” to watch the teaser below.







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