I’m Just Wild About Harry

I know some of you crazy queens here in the US were up at 3:45 AM to watch Prince William marry the former Kate Middleton and to that I say, bitch you cray cray! I read somewhere (ok, I made this up) that 20% of the British public think the monarchy needs to go and all they really are is a vestige of a long-dead empire with a really ornate house and big hats. So who gives a shit about all of this?

Although, there IS one reason to retain a slight interest in the Royals — Prince Harry.

He’s the ginge sexy that makes my “arse” twitch (“arse” = “ass” in the UK, kids). Redheads were never a big turn-on for me until the ruddy-faced Prince Freckles first smirked at me from across the water. Suddenly, my boxer briefs were saying hello to pre-cum and I developed an odd fixation on the British tabloids. Harry’s wearing Nazi outfits to Halloween parties! Harry’s a sexy soldier! Harry is shit-faced down at the gay pub! He’s a rapscallion, that Harry (and obviously a cretin when it comes to costume choices)! And I just want to grab the big dumb lug by that ginge brushcut and bend him over the royal settee in the drawing room….you get what I’m sayin’.

So, yes, I am guilty of contributing to the geeky royal wedding madness. I’ve spent actual work hours trying to find pics of Harry with even the slightest hint of sexuality to share with you. I think the Spider-Man one is my fave. Enjoy!

– J. Harvey

To see sorta/kinda sexy pics of Prince Harry, Follow the JUMP:

290 thoughts on “I’m Just Wild About Harry

  1. This posting was so dirty that I didn’t realize til I read the end that it was someone else writing it. Sorry, Dewitt. It just sounded like your usual horny talk.

  2. They both are pretty cute, William and Harry, but Harry has such the “bad boy” rep.; much more interesting

  3. he is a cute boy, but he looks like an average english lad u see on streets.
    william got a bit charisma to him in addition to his looks.

  4. ugh i fucking love prince harry and he is quite the rowdy party boy he goes to gay pubs more often that ya would think…

  5. Funny how times change. When he was in his early 20s, I thought William was quite handsome. The preppy English prince and all that. My fantasies of him involved formal suits and polite lovemaking.

    But now? Holy fuck! Harry has become one hot piece of ass! He’s totally working the bad-boy, rakish younger brother role, and the spikey ginger hair suits him perfectly. I would pound shots with him all night before bending over and letting him pound me.

  6. Think its the red hair and the fact he’s a bit of a rebel…..not as Staunch as William, but William will be King one day….he has to be more dignified in his actions. They are both goodlooking guys.

    IMHO Harry is the sexier of the two.

  7. Wish you hadn’t included the fake, photoshopped pix (Spiderman, Dirty Harry) of His Royal Hotness. It seems there are a few dullards here who believe they are authentic photos.

  8. Harry quite the STUD but I bet he the one that will turn out 2 be more like his mother speaking of Dinah I know she is very proud of both of her PRINCES !!!

  9. So…if they think it’s real and get their rocks off on it, who is hurt by that? I love fakes like that. They fuel a great many fantasies…especially when real pics don’t exist (or can’t be located).

  10. Harry looks so like his dad James Hewitt, while william is even uglier than his dad Charles

  11. James Hewitt – give me a break – in the family of Spencer – there are significant red heads. So let’s can stupid dumb ass gossip until you get your DNA test to prove it, Mr. Donald Trump – gawd some people’s idiot offspring!

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