If We Allow Gay Marriage, Should We Let Lil Wayne F**k Every Girl In The World?

In an otherwise somber edition of the BET Awards, rappers Lil Wayne and Drake took the stage to perform a song about "fucking every girl in the world". Aside from the criticism that their performance was insensitive among all the Michael Jackson tributes, the duo are facing criticism for their selection of dancers–a small group of presumably teenage girls. Now that's definitely not the right way to pay tribute to the King of Pop…

– Dewitt

6 thoughts on “If We Allow Gay Marriage, Should We Let Lil Wayne F**k Every Girl In The World?

  1. Shit. They sound horrible without all those machines fixin their fucked up voices. It’s also hilarious how most of it was censored out. Those kids had to be 13-16. Should NOT be on the stage during that song.
    Boring performance any way

  2. It was Wayne’s daughter, and her friends.
    You talk about them like their just random girls off the street.
    Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to have his daughter on stage given the song choice, but have you heard any of his other songs? Pretty much the same type of music.
    He just wanted his daughter to have some fun.
    I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking about this in a negative way all of you are.

  3. The media saturates the public enough where nothing is sacred anymore, and people will feed off the sensational and the curious. In the case of Michael Jackson, we can only expect his funeral be played out like some huge political/media event.

  4. It was innapropriate and you can’t justify this garbage. “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world”? Sure, let me bring my underage daughter on stage and let her dance around with her friends. Irresponsible on his part. I don’t care what his other songs sound like, if he was a porn star would be ok to bring her on set?

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