Icona Pop Is Burning

I like Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. They’re the Swedish gals who make up potential one-hit-wonders Icona Pop. “I Love It” was blastin’ in every TV show and movie trailer a full year after it dropped. But did they peak? Maybe.

“All Night” is the 2nd single off their upcoming full-length album This Is… Icona Pop, and it’s okay. It’s happy. Yay.

The video’s a bit more interesting in that it takes us to a voguing competition a la Paris Is Burning. It’s funny, though, because the song doesn’t quite match up with these agile queens whipping their hair at super-speed and death-dropping for their lives. When I envision voguing battles, I picture this kinda music. You need something with a harsh beat (BLAM!) designed for slayin’ those bitches! “All Night” is kinda just a sweet dance trifle. Because moves like these…


…need a worthy jam! But cred to them for featuring the current leaders on the voguing scene. Am I mistaken or is that not one of Madonna’s main gays (Father Jose) from the Truth Or Dare era still scratchin’ and survivin’? He had a single, you know.

– J. Harvey

Check out Icona Pop’s new vid below and tell us what you think:



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