I Would Very Much Like To Get In Those Briefs.

Some of you might recall that I am dumbly attracted to white briefs. Of course, even if you do not recall such a thing, I am telling you right now in the hope that you’ll understand why Montreal-based Manhunt member HotYeaBoy is pushing all of my buttons. Not that most of you need help understanding! He’s a bearded, hairy guy with tattoos. While I will spend most days swearing up and down that I do not have a type, this is what most people would envision when they think about my type… Not that you’re most people! No, you are a beautiful, unique snowflake, gentle reader.

Speaking of snowflakes, that brings me to a very important point about how I’d love HotYeaBoy to jizz in my mouth and then give me a kiss so I can feed it back to him. (This is called snowballing, for those who are not aware.) He doesn’t have much to say in his profile, except that he’s an Italian-Canadian with 7.5 inches uncut who enjoys rimjobs and whiskey. Coincidentally, these are all things I enjoy, too! One can only hope that we get together some day to enjoy those things together.

– Dewitt

Take a look at this hot dude and his briefs below:





Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



2 thoughts on “I Would Very Much Like To Get In Those Briefs.

  1. Case of serious lust for me! “Forever family” tattoo is a huge turn-on! That boy was raised right

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