“I Want More Than Your Average Joe.”

Can I say that Ultrapro1 probably has the most diplomatic profile I’ve ever seen on Manhunt? It’s true! Listen to this:

“You don’t have to be big or small, ripped or slim. And honestly age just completely eludes me, but please remember everyone is just different. It’s also not up to you to judge me any more than it is for I to do to you. I don’t know anymore than you do until you contact me.”

I’m kind of digging that! You should hit up this friendly Milwaukee guy and say hey! (Just don’t lecture him about Manhunt being a hookup site.)


Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member Ultrapro1 below:





Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



4 thoughts on ““I Want More Than Your Average Joe.”

  1. Do look at the mirror, not at the screen of your phone, otherwise you look like those people who looks around all the time when you are talking to them. You look beautiful though.

  2. Seems like everyone’s always asking for more than they can offer themselves. So much lack of self awareness.

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