“I Don’t Believe In Safe Sex… I Believe In Smart Sex.”

The description for Deviant Otter‘s latest scene with Tumblr personality abeardedboy has stirred up some controversy within the gay porn world. Some people have commended the fuzzy amateur superstar’s efforts to eliminate stigma against HIV-positive individuals, some people remained relatively ambivalent and focused on the action itself, while others flipped their shit and referred to the following words as “absurd” and “irresponsible”. Here’s the text, so you can judge for yourself:

“It’s no secret that me and abeardedboy have shared a special bond and insane chemistry since the day we met just over two years ago. As of late I’ve been going up to Toronto, abeardedboy’s home base, to help cohost a raging sex party that we started called NoRecip.

“Every time I’ve gone up there to help with the party we¹ve wanted to make a vid for you guys, but unfortunately we’ve been too trashed or too exhausted to film our sexcapades. This time however, I decided its about time the world got to see our smutty sex again, so an hour before going to the airport I powered up my camera and woke his hungry ass up in the nicest way possible for an appropriate farewell.

“Up until this fuck we’ve always used condoms because he’s positive/undetectable and I’m negative. However, thanks to the advancements in medical science, I have been on PrEP for almost a year now so I was finally able to fuck his ass deep and raw. I’m sure I will get some flack for this, but I don’t believe in safe sex, even condoms are not 100% effective against STDS, I believe in smart sex.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback

“PrEP allows me to experience sex with undetectable guys that I would never have been able to before with an incredibly low risk. I understand there are still studies being done on side effects and I realize there are a bunch of people against PrEP, but I want great sex and condoms ruin the gruff and grit of sex for me personally.

“So enough of the PSA. Wicked hot video, he has the best bottom faces ever. Hope you guys enjoy watching us fuck and me breeding his meat pocket for the very first time!”

As for me, I appreciate that Deviant Otter is being completely upfront about his status, his preferences and his opinion on PrEP without hiding behind bullshit pornographic politics like a lot of other models out there. It should be noted that, unlike a lot of other sites, he actively allows models to choose whether they use a condom and has these discussions beforehand. (See his scene where he DPs Max Cameron raw while Bravo Delta wears a rubber.)

While there’s still progress that needs to be made to fight against HIV—with new developments seemingly emerging on a regular basis—there’s something to be said for open communication about these issues. Would this sex have been “smarter” if Deviant Otter combined PrEP with the use of a condom? Perhaps! But is it his personal choice to do what he wants with his own body? Yes.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Deviant Otter

Check out a clip of Deviant Otter and abeardedboy in action below:

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Deviant Otter fucks abeardedboy bareback in a serodiscordant gay porn scene.

Check out this full scene and much, much more on DEVIANT OTTER.



84 thoughts on ““I Don’t Believe In Safe Sex… I Believe In Smart Sex.”

  1. not sure that getting hpv and rectal cancer is real smart, but if they know each others health history I don’t think this is a reckless thing. Even transmission risk without the Prep is low if the bottom is undetectable

  2. While I dont agree with Deviant Otter’s write-up/statement, before some of you wanna criticize people on PrEp for having sex w/o condoms, pls note:

    (1) Here’s the CDC guideline for PrEP

    “…includes anyone who 1) is not in a mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who recently tested HIV-negative, and 2) is a
    gay or bisexual man who has had anal sex without a condom or been diagnosed with an STD in the past 6 months; or
    heterosexual manor woman who does not regularly use condoms during sex with partners of unknown HIV status who are at substantial risk of HIV infection (e.g., people who inject drugs or have bisexual male partners).”

    The official clinical guideline w more info

    (2) Irrespective of condom use & partner’s HIV status, protection against HIV is ~ 70-92% (depending on studies , all included in the above link), which isn’t 100% but neither is condom.

    (3) The CDC already stopped using “unprotected sex” to describe sex without condoms. This article goes more into the implication of such change. Most notably, PrEP w/o condom can be now considered “protected sex”.

    It’s not prudent & PrEP isn’t designed to replace condoms entirely but having condom-less sex while on PrEP isn’t nearly as “reckless” as some people seem to think.

    Go easy on the judgment already!!!

  3. I don’t if it’s the silence or the tension the text and premise evoke, but this is very uncomfortable to watch. All I keep thinking is how Deviant Otter is getting off on the risk and the provocation of posting this specific vid, hiding behind his not so well suggested statements and glorifying unprotected random sex.
    I think this blog should have thought twice before promoting it here as well, or at least have a very clear disclaimer in the matter, you know, for those who will take this sort of “bravery” to risk unprotected sex in ways that are not wise and, not unlike Deviant Otter, will prefer the risk over the educated discussion in the matter.

  4. I just lost all respect for him. I lived through the 80’s and the AIDS scare and came out of it unscathed. Now these kids are so uninformed of all the shit that’s out there. The only SMART sex is SAFE sex. No PrEP…A CONDOM, COMMON SENSE, AND RESPECT FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

  5. To many of us who came out and came of age in the 80s and 90s, there will always be a certain twinge of pain, a certain look of worry, and a quiet cry of anger when we hear about and see young gay guys taking risks with their health. Is HIV/AIDS today what it was when we were younger? No. Is it manageable? More or less. It’s not the death sentence it used to be, but it’s no cake walk, either. We all have to take responsibility for our own bodies, but we also do have a responsibility to our community and to our partners, to care and to take care. I wish sex and death weren’t so inextricably linked in my mind and my psyche, but it will probably always be that way for me, because it was for so very long. But that fear is probably why I’m still alive today.

  6. The second topic of debate:

    How easy it was for him to slide in while the guy was ‘sleeping’…my word.
    I’d yelp like a puppy.

  7. sorry, this is nothing to be light about. Too many risks. I hear of these young kids who are “bug chasers”. Who are BEGGING to get infected so that they don’t have to work and have the state take care of them. Is that what we are going to continue to support? That’s sick and this is something that should not be promoted on this site or any other gay dating site

  8. I really do enjoy the larger majority of the Dewitt posts on here, however, it really does look like there is some sort of financial gain from these constant posts of the Deviant Otter as well as the Maverick Men and to a lesser extent, CorbinFisher and SeanCody…I don’t have a problem at all with that…but there are MANY more sites that offer more variety that if there’s not the agreement with the various sites to constantly put their posts forward, they would get a bigger shake. I just don’t understand the constant attention especially to this “deviant” and the “maverick” folks…I understand that once a week or month, they might have a postworthypost…but it seems to have gotten to be a bit much here lately. Dewitt, you have no bigger fan than in me…but come on, branch out! I’d rather see the guys you hook up with than this constant parade of sad sacks that the “deviant” gets on his site…just my two cents…for what that’s worth!

  9. you saying those lesser “amateur” porn websites pay to be regularly featured here?? No, I’m shocked! 🙂

  10. @Kelley and RugbyDan, Congrats on your posts. As one who lost a long term partner to HIV/AIDS and had a disastrous affair with another with HIV I can never forget what my partner and I went through. When I see unprotected sex on video and the prevalence of bareback sex in Porno, I despair. “It’s not going to happen to me”, and “I’m alright Jack” seems to be the predominant attitude these days and when I see studios like BelAmi and Lucas Entertainment going bareback I cry in despair.

  11. Even if you have HPV cells in your rectum the chance of getting anal cancer is around 5%.
    Sex is to be enjoyed not wrapped in plastic. We can sero-sort or all go on PreP. People want to feel the intimacy of skin on skin.

  12. ’Smart’ is the new reckless I supposed. Whatever you want to call it, it’s certainly not wise. Wisdom usually comes with people with some grey matter between their ears. Otter is not going to be negative for long by the rate he’s going…

  13. There’s an old saying. “If we don’t remember our history, we’re destined to repeat it.” Sadly as the years go by that’s what is happening. A few years ago I was in line at a restaurant and a group of teens were in front of me and they were talking about the Titanic. One girl was asking the other two if they knew the Titanic was real and not just a movie. To which the other 2 didn’t believe her. I immediately became worried for the future. These kids will grow up one day & be able to vote and reproduce. It’s a worrisome thought. All any of us can do is try and remind them of the past. Tell your stories to everyone you know and encourage them to share.

  14. Oh boy, you lot really are out in droves today aren’t you?

    “luke” wasn’t even making any reference to the risk associated with bareback sex, your reply to his comment was COMPLETELY unwarranted

  15. So many people commenting on how “reckless” Deviant Otter’s being, yet I’d bet my bottom dollar that at least 90% of the people complaining are ones who’ve had their views tainted by previous bad experiences with HIV back when it was the new Bubonic Plague.

    Medical science has moved on since the 80s, we have significantly more effective treatments and even things like PrEP becoming available. The risk of transmission from a HIV+ Undetectable person to a HIV- person on PrEP is incredibly low, and in spite of what you all seem to believe, wearing a condom is not a 100% guaranteed way to prevent transmission.

    Of course, I realise you’re gonna completely disregard this, because that’s what you always seem to do when someone tries to tell you that times have changed, but if you could at least shut up about it and stop posting on EVERY single post that features bareback, then maybe things could be civil

  16. It’s about reducing the odds, which imbecile thinks condom is 100% safe? If you want to get so anal about PrEP lowering your chances of contracting AIDs and you are somehow immuned from getting other kinds of STDs or life is threatening diseases, then powers to you, you YOLO generation. Also Dewitt post this with an expressed intention to generate discussion about what constitutes safe sex and whatever smart sex actually means, so those ‘ignorant’ ones who ‘bleat’ opinions different to yours must be ignorant and must STFU?

  17. Whatever excuse you want to use to label me a cunt or clutching your pearls, dear. “You do you and all that jazz…”

    Or perhaps you prefer to be called Selfie generation then? Pick a name. Being young often means being reckless. You’ll be ‘old’ one day too…

  18. Yeah, I didn’t say jack shit about being reckless or using a condom or any of that. My opinions on all that aside, you deciding to generalize an entire generation based on god knows what evidence is, to put it mildly, fucking stupid. That’s like me saying all baby boomers are racist dumbfucks who still can’t figure out a smartphone. Savvy, bitch?

  19. You are just trying to pick a fight, dear. I don’t care how old or young you are, but you’ve got to admit that that whether you buy this new world idea that ’just because I can I must’, there are those who literally died for you to agonise over this first world problem. Also, look into your selfie camera phone if you really want to see what savvy or sassy or county look like.

  20. yummy.. I have been barebacking for twenty yrs and still negative… and i have bb’d poz gus many times… what ppl wanna do with their bodies is their own choice…. i have been with literally thousands and thousands of men 98 percent has been BB.. even the ones in past where i wore a condom and fucked them… if they came first and after i took off the rubber they would get me to blow in them bb.. i just thought well why go for the rubber in the first place…
    i find most gay men hypocrites when it comes to Bbing.

  21. wow, if you can’t make a point without name calling, what good is your opinion? why not quote some “research”? Like how big of a % of new infections are among young men? Like is the anus really a sex organ, tho many of us enjoy it as if it were? Or like how much it will cost you o rsociety in general to pay for your meds for the rest of your life?

  22. You seem to be forgetting a key thing; Deviant Otter actually discusses all that stuff beforehand. It’s something he’s obviously discussed with the other bloke featured, and he made a decision he felt was appropriate for the situation.

    I never claimed that PrEP would protect against other kinds of STDs, that would be absurd, but that’s why you DISCUSS it beforehand. If the bottom had any other STDs to speak of, and they’d discussed it beforehand, then Deviant Otter would naturally have made the decision to continue using a condom, because that would be the smart thing to do. However, because that’s apparently not the case, he made the decision to forgo a condom because he takes PrEP and so has minimised the risk as best as they both feel comfortable with.

    Yes, Dewitt most definitely posted this with the intent of generating discussion on the topic, but that does not mean that he intends ALL his posts featuring bareback sex to generate discussion on the topic, and when people repeat the same things over and over again, it just gets stale. Believe it or not, but the younger generation is not full of idiots, it’s full of people who are quite capable of making decisions for themselves without having inflammatory crackpots telling them there’s only one way to have safe sex, even when both medical science and society as a whole have moved on in various ways you’re not accounting for.

    Also, you say further down “You are just trying to pick a fight, dear”. And you’re not trying to pick a fight? Every word you’ve said has been inflammatory, with the clear intent of inciting anger towards yourself. Your condescending tone regarding the younger generation clearly shows you’re out of touch

  23. Ever considering that what you felt (accusing me trying to be inflammatory for instance) was just a projection on your part? Just saying?

  24. It’s always weird that one of the biggest excuses for not using condoms is “they aren’t 100% effective”. I don’t see a lot of “I always used a condom yet I caught something” stories. LOL @ experiencing the “grit” of anal sex.

  25. We could of course level the same accusation of projection on your part at you, it doesn’t make either accusation valid though. It’s clear as day though that your condescending tone is intended to incite anger, that’s pretty obvious

  26. They will experience a lot of ‘grit’ when they have cauliflower garden thriving in their groin areas until their todgers fall off too… Yup. Thank goodness over twenty years of safe-r (not 100% know) I live to tell the stories. Can’t say the same for some of my friends whom I loved dearly who died because they want more ‘authenticity’ during one of their trysts… We are talking about needless deaths in the noughties, not eighties or nineties…

  27. No, I have friends whom I loved who died because they wanted more ‘grit’ in their sex and believed that they were being ‘smart’ just because their one-night stands told them they were negative.

    It’s sad and ironic actually, I like the YOLO acronym, but it’s so misunderstood and so misapplied it’s not even funny any more.

  28. I agree nobody should ditch the condoms entirely. In terms of HIV protection, do you know how effective condoms are vs PrEP? It’s good to know how safe your choice is

  29. YOLO: Meaning, You Only Live Once. It wasn’t funny to begin with, it’s just a saying.

    Regarding your friends, that was still their own choice to make, but, regarding HIV specifically, had they been taking PrEP at the time they’d have likely fared significantly better. To take the Maverick Men as an example though, they make a huge deal about testing before a shoot, so you can’t blame them of being “reckless”

  30. Well condoms are effective against other kinds of STDs that PrEP obviously won’t help against, so if other STDs are a particular risk then wearing a condom would be a very sensible option.

    Regarding the relative effectiveness of PrEP vs condoms though, the initial research regarding PrEP puts it somewhere between 70 – 92%, though more precise data will show up as time progresses, it is still a relatively new countermeasure after all. Condoms, if used correctly, are said to be ~98% effective, however they’re prone to misuse by people inexperienced with them, introducing greater risk of tearing or such, making them less effective. PrEP on the other hand would be more difficult to use incorrectly, as everyone (potentially besides those with learning difficulties) should know how to follow a medication regime, and so wouldn’t be affected by many of the factors present in condom failure.

    At the end of the day, it’s up to the person which they feel is more appropriate for them, if they do indeed decide to only go with one

  31. Why don’t you look up PrEP protection effectiveness vs. condoms for HIV??? Just to see how long is Otter likely gonna remain negative? You know, to book a caterer for “let’s celebrate Otter poz” party?

  32. I agree nobody should ditch the condoms entirely. In terms of HIV protection, do you know how effective condoms are vs PrEP? It’s good to know how safe your choice is

  33. You only live once was meant for me personally (in my ‘generation’, I just hit 40 this year, so bear with me) to mean you must cherish whatever life brings you because you, well, you only indeed live once. But now it’s been hijacked by the ‘yoofs’ to mean you can do whatever you want to yourself and others can just FO…

    I am SURE Maverick Men, Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher et al. are careful at making sure their models are properly tested etc.. But Deviant Otter are, for me, just trying to be ‘edgy’ and ‘controversial’ in his little write-up and his subsequent posting of his ‘impromptu’ one-hour-before-airport sex with his ‘sleeping’ friend all for the purpose of increasing his notoriety. Maybe he’s indeed a very smart guy who knows what his USP is and is milking it for all its worth when, away from his porn persona, is a very, very careful and wise person, but we don’t get to see his ‘real’ self…?

    But there ARE impressionable barely legal ones who don’t read the preludes or write-ups, they may just see those bb sex becoming so prevalent in porn these days and not yet informed enough regarding PrEP and what nots and thought ‘oh well, if my porn idols do it, so why can’t I’?

    Or am I going to hear people shouting again that that’s none of their business?

  34. May I suggest PrEP AND condom use like Otter had been doing in the past (now that was indeed SMART) prior to this ‘filming’? Reducing the odds is the best way to go. Go skin on skin only with those you are going to have more than just a one-week stand, or is this too radical for some and and/or old-fashioned an idea for others?

  35. Are you using condoms 100% and on PrEP too? How many people do so, I wonder.
    You’re still dodging my question though. Since u’re saying Otter isn’t gonna stay neg for long barebacking & on PrEP, it’s helpful to know how long it’s likely to be.
    PrEP w/o condom has many many cons, HIV infection isn’t one. Not considerable one anyway.

  36. I don’t know exactly how long for Otter, just that his penchant for ‘more grit’ might expose him to higher risks, that’s all.

    Dewitt has done it again, this post will make the ‘most discussed’ thread at the end of the week with Otter being the centre of attention…

  37. 1. Didnt’ know Otter used double protection before
    2. All the people on condoms w/o PrEP must be criticized for HIV infection risks too. How “reckless” & “not smart ” of them!
    3. Let’s write to condom studios like Falcon suggest them to put all their guys on pills, take the pills on cam. you Know cuz porn is so important for sex-ed??
    Are you using both, condoms & PrEP???? If not , why don’t you take your own suggestion?

  38. In his write-up, I thought Otter said he had been taking PrEP and having condom sex with that ‘friend’ of his for a year or something? And then since he had PrEP for long enough duration, he decided to forego the condom this time and film their trysts BB for his ‘fans’?

  39. TOF, Dave clearly stated that PrEP is only somewhat effective against HIV infection, and those with HIV+ should use a condom…

  40. Arse probably not, but I am surmising that funguy was referring to the sensation of the fucker rather than the fuckee. I’m sure you’ll agree that (esp those of us who are uncut) get a lot more ‘grit’ (and thus sensation) without a layer of rubber between the skin-on-skin contact during sex…

  41. This is in terms of HIV protection since Otter made his partner HIV+ status the focal point. Also, if you finish reading, I did make it clear PrEP isn’t designed to replace condoms entirely & the CDC ref were all in the context of HIV protection.

  42. What you’re going to hear people “shouting” is that young people nowadays are more educated than you give them credit for, but seeing as you clearly won’t agree with that there’s no point discussing that particular topic any further.

    Regardless of your thoughts on Deviant Otter’s “porn persona”, his decision is his decision. He’s already told us that he gave an informed decision, and surely that’s the actual point behind it all? If he’s made that choice when he’s weighed up the risks compared to his chosen form of protection, then good for him. After all, he’s certainly no misguided youth, he has a brain between his ears and he uses it plenty, whether you think he does or not

  43. The only issue I have against DO’s statement is his use of the term “meat pocket”! LOL I mean, come on… “meat pocket”?!?! LOL Love it.. but still so cheesy! hahahaha

    Oh, right, the main idea of the story…. Live and let live. I happen to agree with his statements. If you don’t like it, Don’t hate; Masturbate!

  44. It’s worth remembering this friend is someone Deviant Otter’s known for a long time, it’s not just some “one week stand”, so they’ll most likely be quite aware of the other’s sexual history, along with there being a better-placed sense of trust

  45. All any of us (yes, 80’s teen here) can do is put the information out there. Life is about experiences. What I’ve experienced will have me behaving in a manner that someone without my experiences may find silly.

    I have two quotes for us all:
    1) “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”
    2) Live and let live.

  46. Actually, I think Otter is whip smart. Giving himself a name Deviant is definitely a persona and an USP he’s selling, and getting ‘controversial’ is definitely his raison d’être in the porn industry in which he’s plying his trade. With regards to young people people educated and more informed, I don’t doubt there are many who are indeed not stupid, but having worked in the hospital and secondary school environment before, please be informed that there are MANY out there still getting sh*t-up because they thought ‘it won’t happen to them’, or because others are doing it, or because of peer pressure. Many (albeit) silly reasons out there I can assure you…

  47. Hmmm so those people that are taking Prep are still negative on HIV, and that was you suppose to do if you wanted to prevent it. I also read this Truvada are they the same?

  48. if he believes in smart sex…………then shouldnt he still believe in condoms? sure not 100% but far better then absolutely nothing

  49. I fail to see the controversy. These are consenting adults, and one is quite open about his chosen preferences. Its takes two to tango. You choose to have sex with someone who does not want to play safe, that its your sole decision. You choose to always play safe, then again, that its your decision. You do not want to play with someone who chooses not to take precautions, then DON’T DO IT. STOP THE SERMONING !!! Being informed and having information makes for good decisions. Evangelism is always a call calling for stupidity.

  50. That’s just adorable. I didn’t come here to pick a fight, I came here to call out someone who’s being a real shit-talker. The idea of “just because I can, I must,” is not a new world idea – trust and believe, that shit has been around as long as you can imagine. Only difference is opportunity based on the times. I’m not stupid, I know the history of all the fighters that came before me – but you are being a grade-A prick to generalize literally a whole generation of people. Get over yourself.

  51. How do you get over yourself, like your legs over your head? Or do you self-suck or something? I am not that flexible. 😉

  52. That mentallity is the exact cause for antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea to exist. And HPV is not curable. Just want to remind you that the treatment for penile cancer (generally caused by HPV) is amputation.

  53. – Infectious diseases are a public health concern, and HIV still is an pandemy
    – Free speech also means that criticism is possible
    – Porn is the first place where gay teens learn about gay sex, so messages like these should be worrisome to our community

  54. The most common response to doctors after they tell the bad news: “I thought it would never happen to me”

  55. Do some people actually need to be reminded that HIV and AIDs are actuall 2 different diseases?

    Now, I prefer to air on the side of caution always. As much as I think “Oh yeah, I would LOVe to try bareback”. I don’t think the risk is worth it. But thats just me. I use condoms. And plan on going on PrEP when I am able.

    But here’s the thing for me. If I was with someone and we were 100% monogamous, and were studied in each other’s sexual history and bareback is something we wanted to try, I would be much more open to it, especially if we were both on PrEP.

    I think babreback is only “reckless” when you’re fucking a one night stand or stranger who could lie to you. When you don’t actually know who you’re fucking or who they’ve been with. I think that is of course entirely reckless. But with a partner you know, you know each other’s histories and you get tested regularly and are on PrEP, then why not.

    Also people do know that besides this situation with a Pos and Neg, the risk of HIV infection with two people who are both negative doing bareback is like EXTREMELY unlikely?

    Also if Otter does become Pos, I highly doubt. he’s going to go out and fucking spread it.

    But there is also the freedom of choice. We can’t police people or their bodies.

    Personally, I don’t find that condoms ruin the experience at all. I mean…if you care more about feeling the ridges of your partners anus more than the sex or the closeness itself, then idk…maybe get a anus fleshlight?

  56. Quite a stretch to go from the choice to not use condoms and be smart about sexual choices to deliberately infecting others.
    Then again the sex panicked are not known for rationality.

  57. Using your logic no one should ever have sex.
    By the way it’s a good thing your parents were barebacking.

  58. Go research the incidence of anal or penile cancer due to HPV and see how low it is. Extremely low.
    Antibiotic resistant doesn’t mean incurable.
    Nice touch with the dick amputation thing.
    Let me remind you that life is full of risks. Adults chose which ones to accept.
    Did you know there is no cure for being vaporized in a plane crash? Don’t ever fly again.

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