“Hung” Up On Obama

Alan Cumming

When New York Magazine asked a number of celebrities who they'd like
to see naked, actor Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler in the X-Men movies)
said none other than the 44th President of the United States. I don't think it's a
surprising answer to the question, but what is ludicrous is his detailed
explanation that reveals a level of obsession that borders on creepy.

"I think great leaders, charismatic leaders and men who are so
confident and who have achieved so much, usually have big penises. I think
there’s a correlation between the level of confidence, the level of the way a
man can hold a room and the way he conducts himself in life, with his penis
size — with his comfort with his penis size. So much of male psyche is taken up
with how big your cock is; it’s a huge deal in our lives, and so when you’re
confident about your penis size, it shows. Well, just look at him. Just the way
he’s so kind of elegant and very confident in his body and himself. Also, someone
told me that they worked out with him in a gym in Chicago, and it was big."

What do you guys think of his quote?

– Wilbur

4 thoughts on ““Hung” Up On Obama

  1. I dont find it creepy in the least bit, I quite agree with it. What guy hasnt thought of how big a celebrity’s penis is? Mr. Cummings is only expressing in words what we are all thinking in our minds.

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