Huge Dicks: The Currency of the Future

This feels like a next-level Apple Pay commercial.


Is your car stuck at the mechanic’s again?! Does your fat-ass’d mechanic, Derek Parker, keep saying it’s gonna be “another week,” but you need it sooner than that?! Then be sure you bring your Extra Big Dick to the negotiating table!  Nothing (apparently) encourages your mechanic to get the lead out like pummeling his big, meaty ass with your Extra Big Dick! Just ask Jimmy Slater:


Once Jimmy shows up at the auto shop he confronts Derek and wants to know when he will be done with his ride. Derek doesn’t see it being completed for another week or so and that doesn’t sit well with Jimmy. He is tired of riding the bus and explains to Derek that he must know of a way to get it done quicker. Derek does know a way and begins to tell Jimmy that if he wants his car in the next day or two he’s going to have to show him his big cock. Jimmy whips it right out and Derek wraps his mouth around it quick licking, sucking and stroking his long shaft.


Extra Big Dicks: Everywhere you want to be.



On the real though – Derek Parker’s ass is incomparable and I honestly think it’s just genetics. Like dude is muscly and fit and everything, but that bounce he’s got and that, thick, grippable meat he has – you can’t earn that at the gym. That’s something god hands over to you and says “now go! Go and find the Extra Biggest Dicks in the land!” (or it’s something you fly to Brazil for two weeks and pay a shady doctor 2g’s for – I don’t know your life).

I’m starting to get worried I’m becoming a butt fetishist. I mean, not THAT worried. But damn:


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Go watch this whole thing because Derek Parker’s thick ass deserves your clicks. 


– tyler

3 thoughts on “Huge Dicks: The Currency of the Future

  1. The only problem is establishing a global standard, is an extra big dick the same in Kentucky and Berlin? Is there an objective way of confirming wether a dick is just big or extra big? We need to know people if we’re going to move onto the dick standard of international finance.

  2. Wasn’t there a post a while back about him getting butt implants? He was very proud of his new look from what I can remember and it definitely looks great! I am always envious of a genetic bubble butt, but I feel a little better about my own bottom knowing this is partially synthetic. (No complaint or judgement)

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