Howabout Colby Jansen And Marko Lebeau Shoot A Joint Scene For Colby’s Crew And Men Of Montreal?

Colby’s Crew is really taking off and, with people recognizing that we have an in, Manhunt Daily readers are starting to submit ideas for performers they want to see on the site. My FAVORITE one so far went a little something like this…

Colby should team up w/ Marko Lebeau and do a wrestle fuck scene. Coach and star player. Colby pounds Marko’s hairy bubble butt!

Oooooo, YES. Colby. Marko Lebeau. Spandex. Wrestlefuck! I thought about it for awhile and took a shot at the scene description.

Time: Dusk
Location: A gymnasium
The players: Colby Jansen and Marko Lebeau
The scene: A wrestling coach (Colby Jansen, his beef wrapped in a clingy spandex singlet) is running a wrestler (Marko Lebeau, also clad in a clingy spandex singlet) through some drills.

As the light fades, Coach Colby barks at Wrestler Lebeau to move faster, hit harder, get that ass up and down! Marko, the beefy little powerhouse, twists, and turns, his bulge bouncing in his singlet as the sweat flies. Colby tells him to stop, meathead! Let me show you what I mean! He makes Marko get on his hands and knees. The camera focuses on Marko’s spandexed bubble butt sticking up at him. Lebeau looks over his shoulder, somewhat expectantly. Jansen gets down on his knees and sidles up beside Marko. Gripping him around the midsection. He pauses for a moment. Feeling Marko’s warm body in his grasp. His eyes linger over Marko’s bod. He starts to breathe a little heavier. HE’S sweating now. He rolls over onto his back, taking Marko with him. Jansen’s tattooed muscles ripple as he manipulates Marko’s short but solid body. Marko’s now laying on Colby’s chest. They’re two slabs of beef, rubbing and rolling together. Marko grins to himself. He’s waited for this. “You are going to pin me now, Coach?” he asks in his French-Canadian accent. Slowly, he starts to grind his ass into Coach Colby’s crotch.

“Whoa, who!” Colby says, pushing Marko off him.

Marko ends up on his belly, smiling up at Colby who’s gotten to his feet.

“What is wrong, Coach?” Marko asks, trying to play innocent.

Colby seems at a loss for words.

“Er, well, we’re coach and wrestler. We’ve got to keep it professional, man. You need to stay focused!”

Marko sits up, starts to rub his bulge through his singlet.

“Well, Coach, I think if you were to REALLY wrestle with me, my focus might even improve. In fact, I’m focusing on something right now.”

Colby, speechless and maybe even starting to blush, picks up his clipboard and his whistle.

“Hit the showers, Lebeau. We’ll talk about this later!”

He leaves the gym quickly, seemingly heading toward his office.

Cut to:

A sweaty Marko is at his locker. He’s taking off his headgear and placing it in his locker. Suddenly, hands come up behind him, pulling the straps of his singlet down which pin his arms to his sides. A startled and now helpless Marko is spun around to face his captor. It’s Coach Colby! Colby pulls Marko in and goes in for an aggressive, sweaty, scruff-scratching kiss. He suddenly breaks it, staring at Marko with undisguised craving in his eyes.

“B-b-but Coach, what are you doing..?” Marko sputters. He can’t believe his seduction technique worked!

“I’m training you,” Colby says huskily, spins Marko around again and lays him ass up on the locker room bench! Marko’s arms are still pinned, so he’s helpless in Coach Colby’s strong arms. Jansen begins massaging Marko’s ass through his singlet, and then TEARS a whole in the seat!

Marko’s hairy and jock strapped bubble butt bounces into view. Jansen starts kneading his cheeks like dough. And then begins kissing his wrestler’s ass. His bearded mouth getting closer to Marko’s crack and his hidden hole. Marko, getting more and more turned on, looks desperately back over his shoulder.

“But Coach…I’m…I’m all sweaty back there.”

Colby looks up and gives him a randy grin.

“Don’t worry. I like it salty.”

And that’s when he dives face-first into Marko’s waiting butt.

And that’s what I’ve got so far. What do you think? Is that a scene you’d like to see? I know Marko is pretty much retired from the porn arena (he works behind the scenes now with Men of Montreal). But I happen to know that he MIGHT be persuaded to make a return to the scene. Especially if Colby was starring opposite him. If you want to see this happen, make some noise in the comments. You never know who’s reading! This could be a historic collaboration between Colby’s Crew and Men of Montreal!

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