How Will YOU Celebrate National Underwear Day?

National Underwear Day is this Monday, August 5th. The holiday, originally created by Freshpair, kicked off ten years ago to not just shine light on your unmentionables, but also to promote “public displays of confidence”. This year, the company is trying to gather more than 2,270 people in New York City’s Times Square between 5:00-7:30PM, in order to break a Guinness World Record for the most people in their underwear in one place.

Guidelines for all participants can be found here, but since (I assume) most of you reading this are men, here’s what you need to know about National Underwear Day: “Men must be wearing underpants, boxers, boxer briefs or briefs. They cannot be wearing shirts, undershirts or jockstraps.”

National Underwear Day 2007 by Bonnie Ruberg

It should be noted that the event takes place in a particularly family-friendly location. Public displays of affection with other participants are discouraged, but you could always meet up in person with someone you met through Manhunt, and then take it back to one of your places once the event’s over! That would be quite the icebreaker (and a nice way to check him out and ensure that you click both physically and personally).

Of course, if you can’t make it to New York this Monday, there are plenty of other ways you can take part in National Underwear Day. Right this moment, you can head over to the site, scroll down and vote for your favorite public display of underwear confidence. (There are some really cute pics in the running!) You can also tweet @freshpair with the hashtag #NUD2013 and let them know how you’re spending the day. Pictures are encouraged. But mostly so I can look at them.

underwear sail for national underwear day 2

Oh, and here’s a novel idea! You could also celebrate National Underwear Day by upgrading your underwear collection. Freshpair is currently running a 25% off sale on hundreds of styles for both men and women. I specify both in case any of you bi guys reading this want to pick up some new panties for your wife or girlfriend… Though, hey, I’m open-minded if any of you want to express your confidence in a frilly thong! Ain’t no shame.

The last way of taking part in National Underwear Day is probably my favorite—sharing a personal story about your own public display of confidence. You can read a few examples here, though there are no particular guidelines to sharing these stories. They just have to involve you, your underwear and a public event or location.

Confidence Project

“Throughout the years, thousands of people have written us and shared acts of confidence,” Freshpair writes on their site. “We’ve heard from cancer survivors struggling to regain their lives, men and women suffering with poor body image, and young and old embracing their sexuality. This year National Underwear Day is about YOU.”

So how will you celebrate? I might be dancing in my briefs in one of the Manhunt chat rooms Monday night after work, though I’d love to meet up somewhere outside with a couple of folks and hang out in our undies. Blargh! There are so many possibilities. I’m overwhelmed, so for now, I’m just going to look at some pics of guys in their underwear. That works.

– Dewitt



National Underwear Day

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