Hot or Not: Wrestling

Place yourself into this scenario. You’re lying in bed, making out with another guy. Without any semblance of a warning, he flips you over onto your back and pins your wrists above your head. You want to get your lips back on him so fucking bad, but he’s teasing you by inching forward and pulling away ever so slightly. Naturally, you turn the tables on him, as you fight back for the position of dominance…

Does this sound like a situation you’d like to be involved in? Or would you be worried that all this horseplay could lead to accidental injuries? All in all, what are your thoughts on wrestling in a sexual context? Leave a comment, and feel free to share your personal experiences!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: BentleyRace

To check out Clint Harrlord and Jake Randel wrestling, follow the JUMP:

266 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Wrestling

  1. Wrestling is def hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean so long as no one gets hurt. =S

    The pics above: The top guy is super super hot….the bottom guy….not so much. =/

  2. Love wrestling … used to wrestle with straight roommate in military … separated many waistbands from our briefs … often resulted in one or both of us losing our briefs entirely … always want to take it to the next level …

  3. Hot when it’s playful, rough-housing, rolling-around wrestling. Not so much into the technical, official holds greco-roman whatever wrestling.

    And shall we add oil/lube/mud to the mix? Never done it in real life, but oil/lube wrestling pornos are the fastest way to get me off. Something about the light glistening off those muscular, shiny, smooth, wet bodies…

  4. Nothing I love more than a guy who’s strong enough to restrain me no matter how hard I struggle against it, makes wrestling so much hotter

  5. I LOVE wrestling! Me and my master do that a lot when I go to visit him, once when we were both kinda drunk we wrestled for like 20 minuets, then I got tied to a bed and tickled for another few minuets. They would have kept going but I was struggling so hard I was starting to get rope burn. xD Then the next morning I had a ton of rugburn on my knees and elbows…it was a fun night, even though nothing sexual happened. xD

  6. I seriously love wrestling. I always end up pinned down but I’m a super competative kinda guy and I hate being pinned down! It’s a blast regardless and even if nothing does happen I always have fun with it.

  7. Wrestling can be fun and great way to get your energy revved up BUT rolling off that bed, or getting a smack in the eye can really be a buzz kill. It’s even more fun if you’re both coated in massage GEL so that you’re extra slippery!

  8. Granted safety first, but wrestling around till you get the blood pumping and then going for it is revitalizing!! A twist to getting bent out of shape~

  9. Definitely hot. I use to do it all the time (and always ended up being the “loser” and having to “pay the stakes”). Haven’t done it in a long time since where I live now all the “gay” guys think it’s “weird.” All they want to do is “snuggle.” How boring.

  10. wrestling hell yes. back before I knew I loved cock more than pussy, my cousin and I would wrestle around all the time. him being early twenties me sixteen or seventeen. it got to the point of getting a hard on when I went for his crotch and his cock was semi hard, fuck, he then went for my cock and and just went hmmm. two seconds later his wife called us in for dinner. but we did pick it back up in private later that night and ended up sucking each other off damn his cock was huge. I will never forget that for as long as I live. I recently reminded him of that time in our lives and we revisited that time while camping in Colorado , woo,f fucken, woof

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