Hot or Not?: Sock Fetishes

gay sock fetish

A really hot guy invites you to his place. After a bit of awkward chatter, you start getting down to business. This man definitely knows what he's doing! He works your body like it's never been worked before, and you're beginning to wonder why you've never met him prior to this encounter. And then he shoves a sweaty gym sock into your face.

How do you react to this sudden move? Since that's a pretty extreme example, let's explore another scenario. While stroking his dick, this guy picks up one of your socks and sniffs it until he cums. He raves about "your scent" and how much it turns him on. Does this creep you out at all?

What if this man's fetish has nothing to do with smelling the socks? Perhaps he wants you to rub your sock-covered feet all over his balls. Maybe he demands that you keep your socks on while fucking. There's a variety of places this scenario could go, but let's just ask this overall–are sock fetishes hot or not?

– Dewitt

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Sock fetish






416 thoughts on “Hot or Not?: Sock Fetishes

  1. To each his own. I prefer to look at a guys bare feet. I could handle it though I’m just not wanting any socks in my face.

  2. Not into the fetish, but at least it’s one I can appreciate. Hot guys in socks can be really hot. The smell can be a turn-on, too, as long as it’s a mild sweaty smell and not an “OMG, what’s growing on your feet?!” smell.
    My biggest beef would be forcing me to keep them on, because my feet get really hot and sweaty, and it’s uncomfortable for me. Also, I like to foot-jerk guys when they’re sucking me off, and that’s hard to do well with a single foot if you can’t use your toes.
    In short, I guess it could be hot in reasonable doses.

  3. except for the emaciated twink pics I totally get it. have never thought about it before, but yeah hot.

  4. Anyone that keeps their socks on while fucking totally creeps me out. I’ll admit many years back I had a mild sock/ foot fetish, but for the most part, I’ve grown out of that!

  5. I have always associated white socks with jocks, and jocks are HOT, so I personally love hot men in white socks

  6. love it love it love it. i have the biggest sock and shoe fetish out there lol. anyone wanna trade some white socks?

  7. some of the pixs R sexy but I generally prefer bare feet but socks would not be a deal killer ……

  8. I find it awkward when someone takes all of their clothes off but feels the need to keep their socks on. Nothing is more sexy than a man’s body naked in every way!

  9. i think bare feet are hot, no socks for me, alos love licking and sucking on toes when fucking or jerking, and tickling also…

  10. i met a guy here on manhunt and on our fourth date, he shyly asked if he could smell my socks. i tossed him a few gym socks destined for the wash and boy, was he turned on!

  11. totally HOT!!! i love white socks, and i mean love… i don’t know what it is, but if they have been worn all day… i just can’t get enough!!

  12. Black socks have always done it for me. I think its the pheromones in a guy that turns me on. And the feet are the extreme. I especially like guys in soccer socks like Under Amour but any dark sock will give me that rush. Damn! I’m perverted.

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