Hot Or Not: Chastity Devices

I’ll answer that – NOPE. Despite being a co-blogger on what is basically a gay porn blog for a couple of years, chastity devices had eluded my attention until today. Let me get this straight. You let another guy lock up your cock so you can’t fuck, get blown, or jerk off until he takes it off? FUCK NO. Obviously, this would be an item you use in conjunction with BDSM play (unless your guy is REALLY paranoid about you cheating). So you submissive kinksters out there could be into having your master or top have that much control over you. Personally, I find blue balls to border on “painful”. And from what I’ve been reading, getting turned on when wearing one of these things isn’t a stairway to heaven. And some guys wear these for WEEKS! Some other dude has the key! What happens if you lose the key? Jaws of life? Can you imagine the hubbub at your place when the fire department has to show up to cut the chastity device off of your dick?

That’s just me. It’s possible some of our readers find the idea of not having control over their penis to be erotic. You’re in luck! Our Manhunt Shop has a varied selection of chastity devices for sale. If you’re a guy looking to lock up a cock or a kinky dude looking to try it, go here.

Check out pics of surely tormented guys in chastity devices below.





Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.16.33 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.16.19 PM








Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.10.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.09.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 4.09.21 PM













15 thoughts on “Hot Or Not: Chastity Devices

  1. Not for me!

    While I do not mind some bondage from time to time to spice things up I enjoy the free play with a cock and balls when I wish and visa-versa so this would not turn me on!

    BUT OMG to this pic hot little twink! I want to eat him alive and make him moan forever!
    Till there is so much precum pouring out of his cock I can not wait to lick it all up and share it with him in a kiss!

  2. Absolutely, I recommend it for boys, subs, & slaves. A horny boy serves better. Besides ask those that wear them, there are many motivations. Even love of the master, so they endure it. A controlling master loves them because he extends his control to an intimate place on the boy in his absence. And ask what the experience is like when the boy, slave or sub is permitted relief (which I recommend at least monthly)>

  3. Isn’t there a risk of injury though? I can just imagine someone trying to get a raging hard on only to have something burst inside from not being able to erect.

  4. Love the chastity devices. The plastic ones can be worn 24×7. Please put me in chains like the one pic and use me.

  5. While it’s not something I’m seeking for myself, I get the appeal. If your cock were locked up, who would you be thinking about all the time? The person with the key. You’d be watching the clock, waiting to see him and when you were free of it, GAME ON!!!

    Hum, maybe I do need to get one of those for a boy or two.

  6. That actually makes sense to me. It doesn’t make enough sense that I’m rushing out to buy a chastity device, but it gives me some perspective on the appeal of them.

  7. Jason Miller- the guy tied up in the fourth picture- doesn’t get nearly enough attention for being a hot sexy bottom. Let’s change that!

  8. As someone who wore a chastity device for an entire year I can testify that there is little risk of serious injury. (might get a pinch here or there and some swollen balls) And that are awesome and HOT as ever!!!!

  9. Now when you write an entire year, I assume you removed it occasionally? I’m genuinely curious as to the details. My concern is that a piece may come loose and scratch, or worse… smell from not being able to wash properly.

  10. totally in to this idea! yes! Will I ever get someone Im dating to use thats a completely different story….

  11. Yes it was taken off occasionally about once a month, for a good cleaning but there are some ways to keep it really clean without taking it off. Also they don’t come loose or scratch if you buy a good device. Lots of information on the blog I did.

  12. It is pretty hot. I would love to put this on some boys. It takes a lot of trust and bond for the device to be used.
    One day, I shall make it happen.

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