Hot Or Not: Beating Off While Sitting On A Traffic Cone

Here’s Rod Drainer from Hairy & Raw with a traffic cone stuffed up his ass and jacking off. This never occurred to me. I know an emergency room nurse, and you know all those stories about guys rolling up with bizarre items stuck in their assholes? Those aren’t urban legends. Dudes actually do this, and it’s never pretty. I thought of her when I saw these pics of Rod Drainer using highway safety equipment as a masturbatorial aid. How much is too much? Wanting stimulation back there when you’re jerking is natural, but when you’re a advanced bottom and you need bigger and bigger tools to get the job done? Is a traffic cone too much? I want control of my sphincter, and diapers are not an option for me. Can one of you guys who like really big things back there chime in down in the comments? Is this hot? How do you know when you’ve reached your limit with ass toys?

“Rod Drainer” is kind of on the nose as a porn alias, huh?













Photo credit: Hairy & Raw



15 thoughts on “Hot Or Not: Beating Off While Sitting On A Traffic Cone

  1. Traffic cones aren’t really that bad. They start out small and taper, so you’re only getting the stretch in your ass as you get towards the base, and even then it’s not stretching anything too deep inside. Most anal mishaps occur when things are inserted and then can’t be removed, like pool balls or light bulbs (yes, guys put those up their asses). The larger traffic cones are even rather flexible, so the chance of injury is pretty slim. They can be pretty fun.

  2. Wow This guy is fucking hot!! We need him in the twerk contest.

    he can even do it with a butt plug if he wants!!

  3. The dude in that vintage Falcon movie “Flashpoint” took a full-sized traffic cone up his sphincter… this guy’s only using a baby-sized one, though I suppose that’s far bigger than anything I’d ever want up there. I don’t see the allure of it personally, but I guess it’s one of those “what the heck” moments that’s sort of hard to look away from.

  4. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” No comment.

  5. Hot or not? Not. At least not once the traffic cone got involved. That first shot of him with the full white pouch is hot as hell.

  6. That’s a miniature traffic cone. I used to have one, although I never thought to sit on it.

  7. Rod is sexy, and I’m indifferent to the idea in porn, but I’m a bottom, and I don’t want a cone up my butt, soooo I’ll say no thanks. Two thumbs way, way up Rod, though.

  8. Well I’m not sure I’d call it hot necessarily but if it’s bringing him pleasure, go for it. Seeing guys enjoy themselves is hot. That tiny cone doesn’t really look much bigger (if at all) than some dildo’s I have. Yes, it gets wider but he doesn’t get that much of it in. Seems smaller than a fist.

  9. i, too, want to know: just how much is enough?

    when do you say “when”?

    other than the first sphincter, anus, prostate, and i’m guessing the 2nd sphincter, what else is there (in the nether•regions) that needs stimulates?

    (or.. this simply yet another example of a Vocal Minority commanding more attention than the passive/neutral majority?)

  10. Isn’t that just a pylon, and not a traffic cone? I feel like traffic cones are much larger…

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