Hot Flash: Colby Keller Gets Naked Outdoors For Menelik Puryear

In case you’ve been living under rock, Colby Keller gave away all of his personal belongings and raised over $40,000 to drive across America creating erotic films in all fifty states (with a few stops in Canada). Right now, he’s looking for models and artistic collaborators in Maine and New Hampshire, so if you know a way you can help, you can head over here to find out how to contact him with your ideas, photos or other assorted materials.

As part of the project’s promotion, Colby spoke with the good folks at Summer Diary and appeared in an exclusive shoot with photographer Menelik Puryear. The visually stunning, scenic images were captured in Upstate New York, featuring the popular gay porn model frolicking through fields, enjoying a few adult beverages and taking in the joys of great outdoors.

If this look’s a little too shaggy and unkempt for you, then perhaps you’d prefer this brand new clip released today where Colby plows muscle bottom Jake Wilder… And if you prefer to see Colby bottoming, then I’d like to direct your eyes to this trailer where he takes on the monstrous, uncut meat of Spanish porn star Antonio Aguilera.

Unless I’m completely wrong, the content for the Colby Does America project will be drastically different from his usual output, veering toward a gonzo POV format or more creatively-driven content. Personally, I’m excited to see what he comes up with! He did great work for Manhunt with the In Bed With Colby Keller series, and I’ll always consider him part of our family no matter what.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Menelik Puryear

Check out a few select shots (and click for more) below:

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.

Colby Keller poses nude for Menelik Puryear in a spread for Summer Diary Project.



38 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Colby Keller Gets Naked Outdoors For Menelik Puryear

  1. Don’t know how I feel about the facial hair. But I’d totally want to go in for a moon landing.

  2. I think he might have a mental illness and that worries me. I think it was a cry out for help when he sold all of his things.

  3. By far one of my most favorite male performers. He is an amazing guy and incredibly beautiful.

  4. Sorry but this guy looks like a social drop out and does not enhance the status of gay men anywhere. Dirty and disgusting looking person..have a shave and a bath like normal guys.

  5. No, he got rather suddenly evicted from his place in Baltimore and decided to take the opportunity to do something artistically radical. I’ve been there. Something that sudden you get so pissed off that you willingly make a big change.

  6. And so being a shallow and judgmental asshole against another gay man, or anyone, enhances the status of gay men even more? And thats more normal?

    Seriously, what the fuck is up with all you judgmental bitches here? A lot of us love guys like him, so to each his own. You dont have to be a dick about it. An opinion is one thing, being a cunty troll is another.

  7. Ok, as long as he has a support system that can be there for him when he needs it. It’s not good going thru drastic changes alone.

  8. Been a fan of Colby for a long time. There is very little I would not do with him if he asked me. I find him extremely sexy.

    Not that he’s likely to ask.

  9. a guy who is into nature, doesn’t shave or trim himself, is so much hotter than guys who are all inked up, got to love being naked in the great outdoors

  10. This long bearded and haired look works in some shots and it looks too disheveled in others. I like beards so I just ignore the shots where the look doesn’t look so sexy.

  11. only way this cud of been hotter then it already is, is if he grew out his chest hair…..and maybe didnt shave his bum go full hair bear hehe would of been awesome but either way love colby hes gorgious!!!

  12. Make a mad ” fuck trip ” and divulge it as art…LOL. In my country it is named like ” public indecency “,it’s a crime and people can go to jail if they are denounced. There must be something better and sane in life for a 33 y. o. man to do besides this sick filth.

  13. It sounds like it’s probably a crime to be looking at this blog where you live. That sucks, but it’s okay – civilization will eventually make its way to your land. In the meantime, best of luck under the thumb of your oppressive government!

  14. It would appear that haters literally must hate when given an opportunity to do so. I wish there was a way to harness this phenomenon for the good of mankind, or an island large enough to put them all on. Somewhere that they’ll only be able to hate each other and the environment. Greenland! Problem solved.

    I find it upsetting that if some major studio embarked on an ambitious plan to have Colby fuck most of North America, few people would question it, but if he has the idea himself, there’s something wrong with him. I mean, guys… C’mon… The man’s a pioneer; he’s forsaken worldly goods to explore the frontier of fuckery, like a one-man Lewis & Clark. He’s a damned American hero.

  15. Lawdy I do loves me some Colby… The scruff just gets me going. Just don’t know what it is about him that makes me weak in the knees. What a gorgeous man!

  16. Well, what I like about him is that he really seems to be comfortable with himself. Not solely physically – if he was uncomfortable with a body like his, that would be a sign of serious mental instability, but I mean on a more “this is who I am, what I do, and why I do the things I do are all right by me” level. The kind of genuine confidence that you won’t get from someone who views their performance as a means to a financial end, or someone who believes themselves to be “above” what they’re doing. You can tell there is a very sexy mind behind the wheel of his (also sexy) body.

  17. Colby I love U but I am just feeling the whole Grizzly Adams look but I still LOVE U after all the beard can trimmed

  18. this man is sexy–whatever he does. I think he has the best energy and disposition of all the stars. Honestly amazing.

  19. He is so absolutely gross. I can’t figure out why he keeps showing up everywhere. He ruins porn.

  20. Having seen him without the beard, I think that he is a handsome guy. Some of that comes through in a couple of these pics. Knowing that makes a difference.

  21. He is a god. A real masculine guy for those of us that prefer men who look like real people not jacked up pierced tatooed freaks on meth, or shaved twinked out boys who look like jail bait.

  22. He’s the perfect Lumbersexual. Just more proof that a gay man can do any look better than a straight man LOL He’s most lickable.

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