Hot Flash: Alf Oil

Australian model Daniel Garofali let photographer Alf Oil borrow his incredibly sexy body for a recent shoot, which basically involves him wearing nothing but… um, tin foil. The series was released exclusively to Coitus magazine’s blog, along with a teaser that they’ll be “unwrapping” him in a future issue.

Maybe we’ve got some weird fetish for shiny stuff, but there’s something very erotic about these images! It could just be that it’s a hot dude in very little “clothing”, or the anonymity of those silver glasses hovering above that glistening, muscular body. Either way, we definitely approve!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Alf Oil

To check out more from this series, follow the JUMP:

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8 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Alf Oil

  1. These pics do nothing for me — but I can’t help wondering if the compositions would work better with gold foil that would match his bronzed, oiled body better.

  2. He must not have must dental work done. Having the foil in his mouth, makes my mouth hurt. This really didn’t do much for me otherwise either. would rather just have him in a swimsuit

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