Hong Kong Gay Pride: Manhunt Was There


Logo’s NewNowNext recently featured a post about Gay Pride in Hong Kong, noting (much to their surprise) that Manhunt was on the scene. It’s true, Manhunt is quickly becoming globally ubiquitous! If you’re looking for cock in Antarctica, chances are we can bring some to your glacial base camp.

We were happy to be part of the festivities in Hong Kong, especially seeing as being openly gay in China isn’t always easy.

Well about 4,000 people at least, it seems. Not such a big deal, you think? Considering they had they had 2,000 folks at the festivities last year and being gay is a big ol’ no no in mainland China…it is fairly significant. And during the event — which featured Mr Gay Hong Kong winners, runners up dancing covered in Manhunt logos — Cantopop singer Denise Ho Wan-Si, also known as HOCC, hopped up on stage and came out. Surprise, world, mom & dad!

Despite homophobia in China, Manhunt’s presence continues to increase there. Check out the Pride video and some footage of an event we did in Hong Kong in September after the break.

– J. Harvey

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  1. ManHunt also appeared in the Taipei Gay Pride last October. Taipei Gay Pride just celebrated its tenth anniversary, and it has been the largest Gay Pride in Asia 🙂

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